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Plan the Perfect Barn Wedding and Avoid These 3 Disastrous Mistakes

Barns continue to be the perfect backdrop for stunning weddings throughout the United States. The rustic setting can be the perfect complement, or the precise contrast for your wedding’s theme.
Planning a wedding can seem like a daunting task, but really it all comes down to these 6 categories:


  • Pick a Theme!
  • What will your perfect flower be?
  • Entertainment? What will we dance to?
  • What will everyone eat and drink?
  • Avoid 3 disastrous barn wedding mistakes

Pick the Perfect Theme


A barn wedding can be anything from cowboy to vintage lace.  Whether it’s in honky-tonk hoedown fashion or an elegant affair, a barn can provide you with a versatile setting to dress up, or down.


It’s all about your taste and style so simply start brainstorming what appeals to you – make a list!  Start with individual elements you want to include, and soon enough you’ll start to see a pattern emerge.  Scour the web, hit the library’s magazine section – go on a search for ideas and take lots of notes.


Once you have picked a theme the fun begins as you chose your dresses, invitations, and decorations.  Hanging strings of lights are a great choice in a barn since there will be plenty of rafters.  The added benefit to these little strings of lights is when the sun goes down the lighting is already set for a night of dancing.


Decide on Flowers


The beauty of using a barn as your wedding’s backdrop is that you can save a few pennies on the flowers.  Wildflowers are a popular choice, and you can get them at a fraction of the cost of traditional wedding flowers (and just stick them in mason jars).  You may even be able to pick your flowers from your own garden.  If wildflowers aren’t your thing don’t worry, with a semi-outdoor setting any flower will be appropriate.


Entertainment – let’s dance!


If you were to ask me, I would say this is the most fun aspect of planning the event.  A live band in the barn is ideal and transforms your wedding into a full-fledged barn dance.  Be creative with your options, you don’t have to spend a lot to bring quality music to your event.  Start with thinking about your own friends and family – is anyone in a band?  If not then just start to search locally.  You can have fun with this “research” by hitting up local bars in search of talent.  Pick the style of music you want and see what’s out there.


Food and Drinks


Depending on the barn you choose (or maybe it’s your own) there could be temperature issues.  The weather on that perfect sunny summer day could be compounded inside a barn.  If fall is more your season, the temperatures may drop unexpectedly.  Choose your food options with temperature in mind.  You don’t want things, like your cake, to start melting in the heat.


Beer is a staple at most weddings, but I can’t think of anything more appropriate for a barn wedding than bottled beer.  There are companies out there who will make personalized beer labels for you.  That makes it a beverage and a wedding favor all-in-one!  Buckets of ice filled with water, soda, beer and wine are an easy substitute for a bar set-up.  Just keep an eye on the kids!


Avoid These 3 Barn Wedding Disasters


      • Wasps! And other critters

Wasps have a habit of setting up home in barns.  If the barn you have chosen for your venue is frequently monitored for this issue then just skip ahead.  There are situations when destroying a wasp nest isn’t necessary, but if it is right in the middle of your dance floor then you should be proactive.  You certainly don’t want your guests running out the door because of a wasp problem you didn’t take care of.  This goes for other potential barn critters (mice, rats, bats, etc.), do a thorough look-around to see what you may have to deal or clean before the big day.


    • Allergies

If you aren’t allergic to hay, grass, or other farm-type allergens then you may not think about your guests’ potential misery.  Remember that seasonal allergies are at their worst early-to-mid spring.  If the grass around the barn is going to be cut close to the wedding day it should be arranged a couple days before the wedding.

You may want to think about contacting your guests to find out how many of them may be allergic to your perfect location, and then prepare accordingly.


    • Electricity

This may seem like a given, and hopefully it is on the top of your list.  Sometimes the most obvious problem can be overlooked, so make sure the barn you have chosen has electricity.  If there isn’t electricity then look into renting a generator for the day.

If you have additional advice about the planning process, please comment with your suggestions.  Remember – the most important element to your barn wedding is to make sure you have fun!  One last piece of advice – put the power tools away!