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The Benefits & Added Aesthetics of an Indoor Riding Arena

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Indoor Arenas by DC BuildingToo often, covered riding arenas are aesthetic duds: stark steel structures with no character or aesthetic appeal. Fortunately, today’s builders are designing functional indoor riding arenas that are a pleasure to regard. DC Building creates stunning wood structures that will last for generations. We can match your riding arena to your home’s exterior. What’s more, we can include feed storage, tack rooms, stables, and wash areas. We can even add living quarters to your riding arena.

Here are a few advantages of having an indoor riding arena on your property.

Benefits of Indoor Riding Arenas

Ride any time of year, regardless of weather conditions. An indoor riding arena is a must-have for serious riding competitors. But non-competing riding enthusiasts also love being able to ride at any time.
• Why limit yourself to riding in daylight? An indoor riding can be outfitted with indoor lights, to allow for nighttime rides.
• Horses enjoy peak health and performance with consistent, year-round training.
• Friends and family can enjoy 365 days of healthy, fun riding together every year.
• Temperature control keeps the riding experience enjoyable.Indoor Arenas by DC Building
• Protect your horses and riders by carefully controlling the footing. With proper drainage and materials selected according to equine biomechanics, trotting around your indoor riding arena will be a pleasure for your horses as well as your family members!
• Include sound absorbing materials, for a peaceful riding experience for people and horses alike.
• Proper ventilation will keep the arena cool. Some of our riding arena designs feature open sides, which creates excellent circulation.
• Cupolas and skylights can deliver stunning natural light.

We build indoor riding arenas across the country, in all manner of environs. In the Pacific Northwest, our customers love being able to ride in the wet, dark winter. Down in the south, our Texan clients appreciate being able to ride even when the sun is blistering hot. No matter where you live, a covered riding area offers many benefits.

The Beauty of Custom Barn Homes [Infographic]

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We invite you to view our latest infographic, which explores the beauty of one of our custom barn homes – the Newnan Barn Home in Newnan, Georgia. This custom barn home is awash in beautiful and thoughtful details, such as an outdoor living area that includes a kitchen, stone chimney built with stone sourced from a local quarry and much more. The loft living quarters sit above the main level, which consists of two stalls, a tack room, a wash bay, a garage, a custom stainless steel processing room and much more. The horse stalls are insulated and were built by using reclaimed wood from the area.

At DC Building, we specialize in the design and construction of the highest quality custom barn homes. We invite you to learn more about our services.

DC Building Custom Barn Homes

Wedding Barns: A Perfect Event Space You Might Not Have Considered

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Wedding Barns by DC BuildingWedding planning can be tricky. Determining a wedding location is one of the first questions that every couple must answer. It’s not always easy to find an attractive room in a stunning setting that’s capacious enough to hold a few hundred guests. For summer weddings, it may be possible to rent a gorgeous outdoor location, but what if the weather turns unexpectedly? Ideally, a wedding venue should offer covered space, a charming atmosphere, and plenty of elbowroom. Wedding barns fit the bill perfectly.

Wedding barn builders can create lovely spaces for ceremonies and receptions. The simplicity of barn construction makes it a snap to erect a spacious, charming building exactly where you want the ceremony and reception to occur. Wedding barns offer the perfect union between nature and elegance, between country chic and old-fashioned charm.

Aesthetic Advantages of Wedding Barns

  • Create the space you want. Renting a farm barn for a wedding can be a pricey hassle. Farmers may not consider the logistical accommodations that your ceremony requires, such as ample parking, strong electrical capabilities, and space for catering and prep. Given these practical headaches, many brides and grooms opt to hire event barn builders. When you engage a professional to build a wedding barn, you can rest assured that all of your needs will be covered, so that you can relax on your big day.
  • Wedding Barns by DC BuildingEnjoy a Relaxed, Rustic Atmosphere. The shabby chic wedding trend isn’t going away any time soon. Guests appreciate the informal feel of a barn wedding. Barns and open country make for stunning wedding pictures. It’s easy to entertain everyone with outdoor games nearby. And the farm setting brings to mind the old country dream of growing old together, while making a place for yourself and your family. In our modern era, many couples appreciate how a farm setting harkens back to yesteryears, when a new couple put down roots for future generations.
  • No need for extravagant decorations. The rustic charm of a barn makes for endless visual interest. No need to jazz up the space—your guests’ eyes will be delighted with the exposed beams and warm wood siding. Wedding pictures can be taken in surrounding fields. For those who would like to create a magical scene, there is always the option of a flower canopy, with your favorite blossoms hanging from the ceiling.

Event barn builders can create breezy spaces for other special occasions as well. Though weddings are the most popular event for custom barns, corporate retreats, birthday celebrations, and any number of other soirees can also shine with a barn as a backdrop.

Why More & More People are Building Barndominiums

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Newnan Barndominium“Did you grow up in a barn?” For kids growing up in barndominiums, the answer to this question is a hearty, “Yes!” Barndominiums are barns with living quarters attached. In some parts of the country, such as Texas, many homeowners prefer barndominiums to conventional homes. Indeed, in certain communities, barndominiums, or barndos as they are affectionately called, are more popular than traditional houses.

Barndos may feature stalls, workshops, living quarters, and storage areas, all under one roof. Some barndominium owners delight in waking to the sound of horses whinnying for their breakfast. Others use the extra space for in-home workshops. And many open up the large barn area for social gatherings.

Why are barndominiums so popular? Here are a few attractions that Texas barn builders can offer by building these modern barns with living quarters.

Benefits of Barndominiums

  1. Quick Construction. Barndominiums can often be built in a fraction of the time required for traditional homes.
  1. Bang for your Buck. Barndominiums tend to be more cost-effective than conventional houses as well. Indeed, barndominiums may be half as expensive as traditional homes! This is partially due to the metal construction that’s commonly used to create barndominiums. Barndo owners may use the money they saved on construction to add a pool, an airy kitchen, or other luxury features.
  1. Exceptional Energy Efficiency. Oftentimes, barndominiums feature foam insulation that’s sprayed in for a uniform layer of thermal protection. Compared to conventional fiberglass insulation, foam insulation tends to be far more energy efficient, making many barndominiums extremely energy efficient as well.
  2. Flexible Space Use. The metal framing of most condominiums allows owners to locate walls wherever they’d like. The external load-bearing metal walls do the heavy work, so there are few or no restrictions on where internal walls may be placed.
  1. Enjoy a strong connection to nature with the luxuries of modern construction. There’s nothing like country quiet to bring peace, tranquility, and self-discovery. Many barndominium dwellers are city transplants looking for a place to enjoy nature in comfort. Barndominiums fit the bill perfectly.

In general, barndominiums often feature soaring interior spaces. Many builders focus on an industrial style, with exposed metal and beams. Here at DC Builders, we have enough expertise in the barndominium field to offer customization to our clients. We can design and build your barndominium to match your personal style. Call us today to learn more.

Project Spotlight: 5 Amazing Barn Homes to Live In

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In today’s post, we’re highlighting five DC Building projects from across the country. Our contracting team travels the nation to create unique wood structures. Here are a few of our favorites.

  1. Newnan Barn Home in Newnan, Georgia

This custom barn features two stalls, an outdoor kitchen, a full loft living area, and a custom steel processing room for our clients’ hunting wins. Stunning timber beam construction supports soaring rooflines in the great room, where an enormous stone fireplace creates a cozy feel. The same stone chimney also opens to the outdoor kitchen on the first floor. Living quarters in the Newnan Barn Home include a master suite with a stunning claw-foot tub under its own vaulted ceiling; an additional bedroom and bathroom; and a laundry room. The main level includes a wash bay, a tack room, and a garage as well. We finished this gorgeous barn home with cedar board and batten siding.

Newnan Barn Home by DC Building

Newnan Barn Home

  1. Camarillo Barn Home in Camarillo, California

The floor plan of the Camarillo Barn Home is in the shape of a U. One arm of the U is a 36’ by 60’ barn, including a full hayloft and 8 stalls. The opposing wing is the 3,400 square-foot barn home, with its wrap- around porch looking onto stunning valley views. Connecting the home and the barn is a four-car garage with a bonus workout room and storage area. The Camarillo has it all under one roof—an asphalt composite roof, we might add. The timber frame construction use throughout makes for breathtaking, bright interior spaces. The stalls are so gorgeous that the horses must think they’ve gone to equestrian heaven! In the home, tongue-in-groove pine and spruce ceilings gleam down on stained concrete floors. To become better acquainted with this incredible property, check out the Ventura County Star’s feature on the Camarillo Barn Home.

Camarillo Custom Barn Home by DC Building

  1. The Last Chance Ranch Barn in West Linn, Oregon

The Last Chance Ranch Barn highlights our passion for customized timber frame construction. The main floor barn boasts four stalls, a 12’ by 18’ tack room, and pine wainscoting. We collaborated with the client to include custom fasteners, timber knee braces, and an open center section where a barn loft would usually be. Our designers had to think outside of the box to create structural support for this elevated area, where a customized cupola and a copper weathervane shine. Canyon gold lumber was used for the framing, and the exterior was finished with cedar batten and board siding. Around three sides of the barn, Columbia basalt wainscoting adds local flavor. A stone sitting area provides a comfortable place to watch thunderstorms underneath one of the shed roofs. On the second story, there is ample room for a pool table and bunk beds. Owner Brian Sonnenberg savors the fact that the Last Chance Ranch Barn is “A true reflection of who we are.” He continues, “The end result speaks for itself. It’s just a really great structure.”

Oregon Horse Barn Home by DC Building

House Barn at Last Chance Ranch

  1. Custom Home in Boring, Oregon

This beautiful 5-bedroom, 3-bathroom custom home is located in Clackamas County, about 20 miles east of Portland. Slate floors and granite countertops add understated elegance, while a 2000 square foot stamped patio with a retaining wall beckon outside. We crafted a custom garage door to harmonize with the exterior cedar siding. Interior features of note include a sunken tub in the master bath; cherry cabinets and a brick fireplace in the great room; and a sweeping staircase to the second floor. We invite you to view more photos of this beautiful custom home.

Oregon Custom Home by DC Building

  1. Jerseyville Barn Home in Jerseyville, Illinois
    This 3,744 square foot barn home features timber framing, shed dormers, and shed roofs on two sides for extra storage. Concrete floors with radiant heat make create a snug feeling underfoot, while a triple cupola floats above. Enormous custom windows let in plenty of natural light. We finished the exterior with cedar board and batten siding. The timber framing allows for an incredibly open floor plan.

Illinois Barn Homes by DC Building

Whatever your dream home features, we can make it happen. Contact us today to learn more about our construction services.