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Designing Your Luxury Riding Arena

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Indoor Rising Arena DC BuildingPicture this: A private arena where you can ride any day of the year in comfort and beauty. It would be an arena beloved by horse and rider alike, with a supportive, level riding surface, easy access to horse care materials, and a calm atmosphere. At DC Building, we are passionate about creating gold standard custom riding arenas. Here are a few of the amenities we can include in an indoor riding arena design.

Luxury Riding Arena Amenities

Attached Tack Rooms, Wash Racks, Hay Storage, Grooming Areas, and Stables. Enjoy the convenience of centralized horse care and riding equipment. You can muck out stables, feed and water horses, and repair tack all under one roof. Combining stables, tack rooms, and an indoor riding arena will also minimize construction and maintenance costs.

Living Quarters. Imagine hearing a whinny as your alarm clock. Luxury riding arenas can include spaces for riders as well! We can attach simple living spaces for guests, caretaker apartments, and even spacious homes to accommodate the whole family.

Open-Air Riding Arenas. Enjoy a strong connection to the great outdoors by creating an open-air riding arena. We can facilitate 365-day riding with an open-air design and custom overhangs. Or, if your location doesn’t allow for comfortable riding conditions, we can add skylights and cupolas to bring in nature.

Stable Comfort Flooring and Hoof Grid Systems can create the ultimate comfort for your horses. Cut down on mud, eliminate the need to resurface, and give horses the confidence of pasture-like footing. We can also add drainage solutions to minimize facility maintenance.

Custom Rub Rails, Gates, and Doors are available to give your riding arena that tailored feel.

These are just a few of the design features we can include in a custom riding arena. The DC Building Design Center is the perfect jumping off point for realizing the riding arena of your dreams. Here, you can see all the options our master builders offer across the country. Begin by selecting from pre-designed or custom floor plans. Next, choose what we should deliver—just floor plans, plans and materials, a building shell, or a turnkey property. You can also select from structural styles and foundation types, as well as siding and roofing options. Several window varieties are available, including gable, shed, and Nantucket dormers. Door options are displayed as well. Use the Design Center as a brainstorming tool. Then contact us to learn how our experienced builders can help you create the ideal riding arena, commercial center, barn, or home of your dreams.

The Benefits & Added Aesthetics of an Indoor Riding Arena

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Indoor Arenas by DC BuildingToo often, covered riding arenas are aesthetic duds: stark steel structures with no character or aesthetic appeal. Fortunately, today’s builders are designing functional indoor riding arenas that are a pleasure to regard. DC Building creates stunning wood structures that will last for generations. We can match your riding arena to your home’s exterior. What’s more, we can include feed storage, tack rooms, stables, and wash areas. We can even add living quarters to your riding arena.

Here are a few advantages of having an indoor riding arena on your property.

Benefits of Indoor Riding Arenas

Ride any time of year, regardless of weather conditions. An indoor riding arena is a must-have for serious riding competitors. But non-competing riding enthusiasts also love being able to ride at any time.
• Why limit yourself to riding in daylight? An indoor riding can be outfitted with indoor lights, to allow for nighttime rides.
• Horses enjoy peak health and performance with consistent, year-round training.
• Friends and family can enjoy 365 days of healthy, fun riding together every year.
• Temperature control keeps the riding experience enjoyable.Indoor Arenas by DC Building
• Protect your horses and riders by carefully controlling the footing. With proper drainage and materials selected according to equine biomechanics, trotting around your indoor riding arena will be a pleasure for your horses as well as your family members!
• Include sound absorbing materials, for a peaceful riding experience for people and horses alike.
• Proper ventilation will keep the arena cool. Some of our riding arena designs feature open sides, which creates excellent circulation.
• Cupolas and skylights can deliver stunning natural light.

We build indoor riding arenas across the country, in all manner of environs. In the Pacific Northwest, our customers love being able to ride in the wet, dark winter. Down in the south, our Texan clients appreciate being able to ride even when the sun is blistering hot. No matter where you live, a covered riding area offers many benefits.