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DC Building’s Specialties: Barn Homes, Custom Riding Arenas & More

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For more than a decade, we’ve built stunning structures across the country. While we call Boring, Oregon home, our veteran crews travel the nation to create unique buildings for families, businesses, and their animals. Today we’re discussing the wide array of wood structures that we specialize in constructing.

Horse Barns.
As experienced barn builders, we’ve created barns across America, from private facilities to commercial barns. One of our favorite barn projects was the 3,200-square-foot HGTV Lodge created for the 2013 Country Music Awards in Nashville, Tennessee. We were able to complete the project in just five days, with over forty workers pitching in. DC Building can create one-of-a-kind barns in all sizes and shapes. We work closely with clients to create perfectly suited design solutions.

Custom Barn Design

Custom Riding Arenas.
We are passionate about building dynamic equestrian facilities were horse and rider can enjoy ideal conditions. Oftentimes, our clients prefer to combine riding arenas with barn and storage facilities, for the ultimate in multi-use performance. We work to the client’s preferences; some opt for year-round covered arenas, while others are looking for outdoor riding areas. Our industry background gives us insight into design options that equestrians value, such as drainage solutions, hoof grid systems, and caretakers’ apartments. View some of our latest projects!

Riding Arenas

Barn Homes.
We’ve built barn homes in dozens of states, from Georgia to Washington. Our clients love our fast building schedules, as well as our unparalleled construction quality. We enjoy working with customers to create the stunning structures of their dreams. Want to include a garage, a home, and a barn all in one? We can do that. We also offer barn home kits.

Barn Homes

Workshops and Garages.
Need more storage space? No problem. DC building can create the ideal workshop/garage for your needs. Whether you need a man cave, a creative space, or more play spaces for the kids, our designers can work with you to design the ideal garage/workshop.

Custom Workshop Design

Timber-Frame Barns.
Timber-frame construction is incredibly flexible; it can provide phenomenal structural support without the need for cluttering inner walls. The result? Soaring indoor spaces inside structures that will last for generations. We can work with you to create the perfect blend of modern posh and rustic charm.

Timber Frame Barn

Your Custom Design.
If your vision doesn’t fit neatly into one of the above categories, all the better! We appreciate clients who think outside the box. Whatever your dream, we can work with you to create a custom design, or to adapt a pre-drafted custom design.

To conclude, we’ll mention that we’ve also created commercial properties, from wineries to special event buildings. Contact us today to learn more about how we can create the building of your dreams.

Designing Your Luxury Riding Arena

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Indoor Rising Arena DC BuildingPicture this: A private arena where you can ride any day of the year in comfort and beauty. It would be an arena beloved by horse and rider alike, with a supportive, level riding surface, easy access to horse care materials, and a calm atmosphere. At DC Building, we are passionate about creating gold standard custom riding arenas. Here are a few of the amenities we can include in an indoor riding arena design.

Luxury Riding Arena Amenities

Attached Tack Rooms, Wash Racks, Hay Storage, Grooming Areas, and Stables. Enjoy the convenience of centralized horse care and riding equipment. You can muck out stables, feed and water horses, and repair tack all under one roof. Combining stables, tack rooms, and an indoor riding arena will also minimize construction and maintenance costs.

Living Quarters. Imagine hearing a whinny as your alarm clock. Luxury riding arenas can include spaces for riders as well! We can attach simple living spaces for guests, caretaker apartments, and even spacious homes to accommodate the whole family.

Open-Air Riding Arenas. Enjoy a strong connection to the great outdoors by creating an open-air riding arena. We can facilitate 365-day riding with an open-air design and custom overhangs. Or, if your location doesn’t allow for comfortable riding conditions, we can add skylights and cupolas to bring in nature.

Stable Comfort Flooring and Hoof Grid Systems can create the ultimate comfort for your horses. Cut down on mud, eliminate the need to resurface, and give horses the confidence of pasture-like footing. We can also add drainage solutions to minimize facility maintenance.

Custom Rub Rails, Gates, and Doors are available to give your riding arena that tailored feel.

These are just a few of the design features we can include in a custom riding arena. The DC Building Design Center is the perfect jumping off point for realizing the riding arena of your dreams. Here, you can see all the options our master builders offer across the country. Begin by selecting from pre-designed or custom floor plans. Next, choose what we should deliver—just floor plans, plans and materials, a building shell, or a turnkey property. You can also select from structural styles and foundation types, as well as siding and roofing options. Several window varieties are available, including gable, shed, and Nantucket dormers. Door options are displayed as well. Use the Design Center as a brainstorming tool. Then contact us to learn how our experienced builders can help you create the ideal riding arena, commercial center, barn, or home of your dreams.

Things to Consider When Building Riding Arenas

When you’re riding your horse on a regular basis, you’ll most definitely want to have a riding arena. Whether you’re riding professionally, for fun, or giving lessons; having a riding arena nearby and handy is often one of the greatest pleasures of any horse rider. Then again, there are some days that would make one cringe because of the weather conditions and a riding arena allows you to enjoy the thrill of the ride without having to face the tough elements of that day. However, an arena can often be a big investment for most people and requires a lot of consideration when you’re thinking about building one. While people often cut back on some things when getting a riding arena built, the following are some specifications that you should keep in mind when budgeting or designing a riding arena for your use.

Custom-Arena-Shingle Springs CA-DC Builders (1)

Riding Arena In Shingle Springs, California

Custom-Apartment-Barn-West Linn OR-DC Builders (9)

Covered Arena In West Linn, Oregon



The space allotted to a riding arena can be allotted and adjusted in accordance with the acidity it will be used for. If you just plan to lunge your pony or practice dressage, then an arena measuring up to a space of 60 x40 meters will be more than appropriate. On the other hand, if you plan on practicing show jumping or creating a gaming ring, then extending the space up to a space of 120 x 200 meters will be more suited to your requirements. Just remember that its not possible to build an arena that is too big but it is completely possible to make it too small.

Choice of Footing

The arena’s footing plays a huge effect on your horses performance and the functional use of the arena itself. The footing can be made of rubber, sand, gravel, and other elements that can provide the horse support for running in that area. However, many people prefer to layer the arena with a choice of two or three materials that help determine the hardness or softness of the turf. Making it too hard can prove to be injurious to the rider while making it too soft can cause undue stress on the horse in order for it to maintain its footing. Similarly, you don’t just sprinkle sand all around and call it an arena. Lay the sand down in a directional manner running from north or south. This ensures that the arena receives more sun, stays well lit longer, and dries in a suitable manner.

Indoors or Outdoors

This factor largely depends on the seasonal changes experienced by your climate. If you live in an area that experiences temperatures that are mild even during the winters, getting an outdoor arena will be the best choice. In extreme temperatures though, an indoor arena is a welcome luxury, particularly during freezing winters. Unfortunately, indoor arenas have the quality of turning into hot ovens during the scalding summers if they are not properly equipped to allow proper ventilation. However, some people do prefer to opt for indoor areas as a preference on their own part. One easy contrivance though is to get an adjustable covering made for outdoor arenas which can be pulled on and off in accordance with the temperature and weather conditions.

For your perfect riding arena, contact DC Builders today!