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Advantages of Post and Beam Construction for Barn Designs

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Custom Barn Homes with Living QuartersRather than using dimensional lumber, heavy timbers are used in post and beam construction. In this elegant, time-tested building style, vertical posts are anchored to concrete piers. Horizontal beams transfer structural loads to the vertical posts. The whole structure is held together with steel gusset plates or wooden joints, and the posts are secured to the foundation via steel anchors. While this construction approach dates back to ancient Egyptian, Greek, and Roman architecture, it continues to be popular for homes, barns, and other structures, due to the following advantages.

Post and Beam Construction: Benefits for Barn Designs

Stronger Framework Opens Up Interior Spaces. In a post and beam building, fewer supports are needed, due to the strength of the timbers. This allows designers to create expansive, breathtaking interior spaces

Timely Construction. The simplicity of post and beam construction allows barns to be erected quickly. Assembly is accelerated because there are fewer structural joints overall. Moreover, infill panels can be pre-constructed offsite and added to the building in a snap.

Easily Customizable Floor Plans. Post and beam structures have no load-bearing walls. The timbers do all the work. This allows you to choose exactly where you’d like to place walls, horse stalls, doors, windows, and whatever else you’d like in your custom barn home.

Indeed, because the interior walls may be made of any material, they can be mobile, assuming this requirement is included in the barn’s initial design. Imagine moving walls into place to create an additional stall, or removing walls to make space for large gatherings. This wouldn’t be possible with dimensional lumber construction.

Opportunities for Custom Touches. Connectors are key in post and beam buildings. They join together the posts and the beams, and the beams to each other. We are happy to work with clients to create custom connectors. For instance, at the Last Chance Ranch barn in West Linn, Oregon, we worked with our client to create custom knee brace connectors, which add visual interest inside and outside the barn.

Extraordinary Strength. Post and beam construction is rooted in early Oriental architecture. This construction approach would eventually sweep the globe, partially due to its inherent strength. Some medieval post and beam structures are still standing. (Indeed, some would say Stonehenge qualifies as post and lintel form of post and beam design.) Post and beam structures are often the only buildings left standing in the wake of hurricanes and earthquakes.

Natural Elegance. Exposed beams create a visual rhythm that most people find appealing. Wood is known for its innate warmth, and the airy interior spaces of post and beam construction resonate with beauty.

We have built post and beam structures all over the nation, in 24 different states. Whether you’re looking for a commercial or residential structure, with or without equine amenities, we can create a stunning post and beam edifice to your exact needs.

What is Your Ideal Barn Design? Features and Structural Styles

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Gambrel Barn

A Gambrel Style Barn

When it comes to barn designs, we can offer custom creations or pre-designed packages. Across all of the barns we’ve built, there are certain recurring structural styles. In today’s post, we’re taking a look at the features and attributes of structural layouts we’ve worked with over the years. If you’re dreaming about potential barn designs, read on to discover a few basic formats that can serve as the backbone of your dream barn.

Gables. If you appreciate classic style, gable barn designs could be your best bet. Gables boast dual-pitched roofs that come to a central point, for a triangular structure. We can add dormers for more flexible second-story designs. The timeless appeal of gables is only strengthened by this barn design’s cost efficiency.

Monitors represent a classically American barn design style. Imagine a simple gable triangle with an additional raised section running down the middle. A second gable roof protects the elevated monitor section. Many of our clients place generous windows in the monitor, for added natural light.

Gambrel. The traditional red barn most people envision is of gambrel design. Gambrels continue to enjoy popularity, as they feature generous head room on upper stories. A gambrel barn roof features two pitches. An external, steep roof pitch is combined with a shallow central pitch, to create a more rounded profile with plenty of extra storage space.

Shed Row barns are easily adapted to any property. They are the simplest option for housing equines and their nourishment. A shed row barn is comprised of a simple box, with a slanted roof. There is no central pitch on a shed row barn—instead, the roof slants downward in one direction only. We can add a covered entry walkway to create protection in damp locales throughout the Pacific Northwest.

At DC Building, we are passionate about building barns with personality. The design structures listed here are a great place to start with your next barn project—but don’t be afraid to add personal touches! Our designers are happy to work with you to create the perfect barn for your family.