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Project Spotlight: California Barn Builders Get Creative

As passionate home and barn builders, our designers thrive on custom projects, where their imaginations can be put to good work matching designs to clients’ dreams. Today we’re featuring the work of our California home and barn builders. Check out these gorgeous projects—they’re great representations of our designers’ unique work.

Penn Valley Monitor Barn
Beauty abounds in this monitor-style barn—and given its personalized design, it’s not surprising that owner Leslie Schoradt has exclaimed, “It’s my dream home!” With Classic Equine stall fronts and a stable comfort mattress system inside, this monitor barn is a horse lover’s dream. Gooseneck lighting pairs perfectly with the rich timber framing and striking red metal roof. Features include six stalls, a washroom, and beautiful tack room. Complete with a custom turret and rubber aisle pavers, this barn perfectly complements the Suncrest Vineyards of Traveler’s Rest in Penn Valley. Leslie explains, “What we love about this barn is it’s not just a place to house my absolute favorite treasures, it’s a destination point for us to go see.”

California Custom Barn Home Builders

Woodside Horse Barn
Our California custom barn builders’ creativity shines in this tailor-made equestrian facility. Featured here is an all-wood barn complete with five custom stall fronts, pine-covered ceilings, and stamped concrete made to look like beautiful hardwood. The gable ends feature timber trusses, cedar board, and batten siding. Complete with a customized iPod docking station, a hobby shop in the loft, and trail entry to the Woodside Equestrian Park, this barn is simply stunning.

Claifornia Horse Barn Builders

Morgan Hill Monitor Barn
Our California barn builders worked 12 hours per day, six days per week to erect this facility to exact specifications. As owner Joe Leonard recalls, “The process with DC Building was actually enjoyable, which is kind of rare with contractors.” While other contractors had focused on the negative, our own expert Dustin arrived for a walk-through, and explained how DC Building could create their dream barn.

Morgan Hill Monitor Horse Barn Builders

From the Classic Equine stall fronts to the all-wood Dutch and breezeway doors, this barn is completely custom-made. It features a beautiful wraparound porch that serves as a relaxation space and a refuge from the summer heat. Its cedar board and batten siding make the exterior shine, while post and beam framing with heavy exposed timbers gleam on the inside. Our client Joe was impressed with DC Building’s creative finishing work, which included custom-made doors, and cedar trim boards placed in alternating colors.

As these projects show, our California barn builders enjoy working closely with clients to create the perfect structures for their properties. Contact us today to arrange an initial walk-about for your California property.

Choosing Your California Custom Home Builder

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California Custom home buildersSan Francisco and Marin County are highly sought after residential areas—so much so that San Francisco came out on top of’s list of salary requirements for home buying in 27 American metro areas. The Bay area is the most costly place to buy a home in the U.S., and those who are planning to create custom homes there must be aware of potential financial and logistical challenges, from high costs, to extensive permitting processes, to stringent building energy efficiency standards. To enjoy a stress-free construction process, it’s key to work with an experienced contractor such as DC Building.

Why DC Building is an Ideal California Home Builder

Lower costs. Our industry experience and construction approach allows us to achieve cost efficiency while manifesting clients’ custom designs.

Impeccable design and construction with incomparable attention to detail. We deliver matchless construction quality.

Our In-house design team means fewer construction hassles, as clients have one fewer contractor to track. We can create a custom design in-house, or work with your custom design.

Experienced project managers with the expertise to avoid potential snafus, including permitting problems.

Our passion for custom design endures, whether you’re working with post and beam, timber frame, or stick-built construction.

Please the neighbors with a building that adds to, rather than detracts from, the surrounding landscape. Our wood building approach is sustainable and visually appealing. In such a high-demand area, it’s key to create designs that nearby residents will rally around.

Structurally sound construction is a given when you build with wood as we do. The Bay Area is notoriously prone to earthquakes. Wood structures fare well in ‘quakes because wood absorbs force.

If you’re looking to work with California home builders to create your custom home, give us a call.