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When you get off the main highways of Georgia and travel down some of the smaller roads in the rural parts of the state, you are certain to see plenty of barns. You will see a variety of barn styles from monitor barns, gable barns, to gambrel barns and covered riding arenas. Barns these days are used for a variety of different activities. From hay barns to barns with living quarters, to horse barns, or a luxury equestrian facility, the options are endless. DC Builders has the experience necessary to design barns that will stand strong under all Georgia weather conditions. Built to code, hurricane winds, torrential summer rainfall and even the occasional winter snow storm, will not damage the integrity of the barns constructed by DC Builders.

We pay careful attention to every detail on every project to make sure that the finished barn will be both beautiful and fully functional to meet your needs. Barn design is so much more complex than a big, open interior space surrounded by four walls and covered by a sloping roof.

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Starting with the proper site selection and preparation of the foundation, we select only the highest quality lumber to begin the timber frame or pole construction. We work with architects to make sure the structure is built to exact specifications. Everything from the drainage in the floor to the size of the stalls and the location of the tack room is planned to be completely functional while also being esthetically appealing.

DC Builders has built barns in many different states and for many different clients all across the country. Our knowledgeable team of contractors and other professionals have seen it all . We know what works best and will work with you to come up with the ideal design for your barn. We offer service unparalleled by any other contractor. A simple, seamless, turnkey process starting from the design to the finishing touches.

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