A monitor barn, also called a raised center aisle or 'RCA' barn, is a traditional barn design that features a raised center section. This barn style offers a much higher roof line than a gable-style barn, improving natural light and ventilation or allowing for the creation of a large loft or even finished living quarters. The outer wings of the barn lend themselves naturally to horse stalls, with dimensions determined by the individual client.

The upper floor, if built, can be used to store hay that is easily fed down into the stalls through the loft. This structure can even incorporate a third floor if the client desires. You can explore different types of monitor barns built by DC Building in our project gallery.

Featured Monitor Barns

Morgan Hill, California

Custom Monitor Barn In Morgan Hill, California

Penn Valley, California

Monitor Horse Barn In Penn Valley, California

Reno, Nevada

Raised Center Aisle (RCA) Barn In Reno, Nevada

Johnson City, Tennessee

Monitor Barn With Apartment In Johnson City, Tennessee

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