Timber frame structures use fewer, larger wood posts and beams than conventional construction, allowing for large, dramatic open spaces. Traditionally, the frame is fastened using complex wooden joinery rather than nails or other mechanical fasteners. Modern timber frame construction offers increased stability and less dependence on bracing and minor joists than conventional construction – this is what gives the interior of timber frame homes and barns their large and lofty feel.

Timber frame barns can be built in a very short amount of time, but are also famed for their strength and durability. With proper upkeep, these barns can stand for generations.

There is a rich American tradition of using timber frame construction, dating back to the earliest settlers in Virginia in the 1600’s. Today timber frame construction is experiencing a resurgence thanks to recent advances in computer precision-cut timbers, adhesives and insulation materials. Timber frame barns are more fire resistant than traditional stick frame structures and much more impressive. See more timber frame barns from DC Building in our extensive project gallery.

Featured Projects

Snohomish, Washington

Custom Timber Frame Barn In Snohomish, WashingtonThis beautiful barn has two dormers, tack room, and a custom cupola. This timber framed structure has plenty of storage with its full loft, and partially enclosed shed roof. 

San Jose, California

Timber Framed Barn In San Jose, CaliforniaCompletely customized barn with three stalls, tack room, and hay storage. This timber framed structure also has a outdoor wash rack. 

Trinity Center, California

Custom Timber Frame Barn In Trinity Center, CaliforniaThis custom timber framed barn features five extra large stalls, tack room, and another covered area big enough to house a horse trailer. 

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