Wood barns are a classic feature of the American landscape. The traditional post and beam barn style with wood siding is not only pleasing to the eye, but extremely functional and long lasting. Wood barns start with tall wooden poles that are placed deep in the ground or into a concrete slab. Timber frame methods utilize fewer, larger beams, creating majestic open spaces. The sturdiness and stability of these wood barn structures only adds to their value.

DC Building is the nation’s leading design & build barn company. We have an amazing portfolio of custom barn projects across the country, from the coast of California to the mountains of Colorado and as far east as Tennessee, Maine, and North Carolina. We only build our barns with the highest grades of Douglas fir, cedar, and other lumber and materials from the Pacific Northwest. Every project is tailored to each client’s unique specifications. With our in-house design team and our nationwide building service, we are able to offer the ultimate turnkey barn solution.

Featured Wood Barns

Bothell, Washington

Bothell-WA-Custom-Barn (5).jpg

West Linn, Oregon

Wood Apartment Barn In West Linn, Oregon

Raleigh, North Carolina

Wood Horse Barn In Raleigh, North Carolina

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