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Barns For Wedding
& Event Venues

Everyone loves a rustic, back to the basics wedding. Though the thrill of a large venue that is absolutely immaculate can be somewhat enticing, more and more couples are opting for unique and rustic venues like custom built barns and even barns that have been repurposed for the occasion. Barns as wedding venues is a great way to bring a rustic, at home feel to any wedding, no matter how ritzy it may be.

Though using a barn has some downsides, it also has tons of fantastic benefits. The first and most obvious is that this creates a unique, one of a kind venue that is personal to the couple being married. Rather than using cookie cutter venues that are just there for events like weddings. Using a barn as a venue is a fun and inexpensive way to make your special day unique and fun. Another benefit is that barns are not tied into any specific floor plan.

With wedding specific venues, floor plans and seating charts are tied directly to the space that is provided. If a venue has a capacity of 2500sf, that is the limit, with a barn, there is ample opportunity to create overflow seating and party areas where the guests can spread out and enjoy the event. Also, because barns are very open in floor plan, there are unlimited arrangements that planners can use to get their guest into the desired space.

Lastly, barns can be quickly built for custom weddings. With a company like DC Builders a barn can be created to the exact specifications of the couple getting married. Also, with custom buildings there is a chance to add character and specific extras that will make that special day even more memorable and special for the couple and those that get to share the day with them.

The dream of owning and operating your own wedding venue can be intimidating. DC Builders offers the insight needed to design the perfect venue that is not only exceptionally beautiful but also extremely easy to customize for different events and needs.