Stucco Barns

Stucco is a type of plaster that is applied while it is wet and then hardens into a very stiff, solid substance. Stucco is usually used as a top layer to cover concrete, cinder blocks, or other materials. It can be molded to create architecturally appealing designs. Sometimes stucco barns are built in conjunction with other materials. The lower part of the barn may be brick with the upper levels being constructed of stucco.

Stucco barns are not your typical barn. They are elegant, with attention paid to detail. A stucco barn would be ideal for an equestrian facility that not only housed animals but provided living quarters for staff. They would be great places to keep beloved family pets or cars and machinery. There are a wide variety of options available when building a stucco barn. The owner's personal style and taste can be built into the style of the barn.

Once you've chosen to build a stucco barn the next step if finding the right contractor to make your barn a reality. Mixing and applying stucco properly is an art as well as a skill that should be handled by building professionals with the right kind of experience in the field.

DC Builders is a general contracting company that provides high quality construction for a variety of projects. They specialize in homes and barns, including wood barns, apartment barns, and barn style homes. With experience building custom projects, DC Builders would be the ideal contractor to build your uniquely designed stucco barn.

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