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Barn Builders

Arizona's dry, arid conditions can wreak havoc on barns that are not built properly. Hiring a company that knows what materials and methods to use to help prevent weathering over time is the key to creating a structure that will stand for generations. Arizona is a perfect place for unique and marvelous buildings with its scenic vistas and large expanses of dry, flat land. DC Building has the tools, the knowledge, and the expertise to build in the American Southwest.

Concerned about the effect of the hot sun on a wood barn? Ask about our stucco siding options. Stucco is an effective, aesthetically interesting way to protect your horse barn, barn with living quarters, or custom home from the sun's rays.


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Arizona Basic Background:

Arizona is part of the extreme western United States; the climate is hot and dry with low temperatures reaching the teens at night and topping out at over 100 degrees Fahrenheit during the day. The desert of Arizona is home to a large variety of wildlife including wild horses, lizards, and many more. The desert is also home to what remains of the Native American tribes that once called the desert their home. Desert paintings, pueblos high in the hills, and much more await visitors to the deserts of Arizona.

What to See in Arizona:

The Mohave Museum, Grand Canyon National Park, and the Painted Desert are just some of the wonders that reside in this state. Visitors to the Mohave Museum will learn about the culture and geography of the Mohave area and the Mohave Indian tribe that inhabited it. Visitors will get a look into the past of one of the most influential tribes in Northern Arizona and how they have evolved over the decades. Visitors to the Grand Canyon National Park will be awestruck by the splendor of the canyon that was carved by years of erosion via the Colorado River. The park features not only scenic views but also information about the Canyon, the history of the Canyon, the history of the Park, and much more. Visitors to the painted desert will be astounded by color, texture, and beauty as they view the various rock formations that make this desert truly beautiful. Visitors could easily spend hours staring at the marvels that nature has brought.

DC Building offers a simple, seamless, turnkey process from the initial design to the final product. With our in-house design team and our experienced building crews, we have all the tools necessary to turn your dream of building a custom barn, home, or equestrian facility into a reality.