In a state like Kansas where agriculture is one of the largest industries, barns and other agricultural buildings are essential. It takes a keen eye, a practiced hand, and a company that knows how to build to suit the state, the climate and style therein to create a building that serves all the functions intended. DC Builders Inc. is just such a company. We offer an wide variety of services that will ensure your building process to go as effortlessly as possible.

Kansas Basic Background:

Kansas is a state that has a rich history of both abolition fights, American Indian culture, and more. The climate in this Midwestern state is moderate with temperatures topping out at about 90 during the summer months and dropping to around 20 in the winter months. This area is flat, offers tons of fantastic space for building and development, and is fantastic for anyone looking to build large developments. The area is also known for severe weather, much like its neighbor Oklahoma, Kansas is prone to severe storms, tornadoes, and even the occasional dust storm which means that anything built here must be able to withstand loads of punishment from the elements.

Kansas, also known as “bleeding Kansas” was the site of many fights between abolitionists and pro slavery advocates during the formation of the Midwest. The state was torn between those that wanted the state to enter the union as a free state and those that wanted to extend slavery into the new territory. This rich cultural history is deeply ingrained in the state and can be seen in local historical markers, museums, and much more.

Kansas Attractions:

The OZ Museum, the Abilene and Smoky Valley Excursion Train, and Amelia Earhart Birthplace Museum are just a few of the attractions that Kansas has to offer. The OZ Museum houses the largest collection of Wizard of Oz memorabilia in the country and showcases that props and memorabilia from the movie, quite fitting as Kansas was Dorothy’s home state. The Excursion train takes visitors through the country side and shows them a Kansas they have never seen before. The Amelia Earhart Museum is housed in the home where Earhart was born and raised and features pieces and information about her career, her life, and her mysterious disappearance.