Building a barn, barn home, or any other structure for that matter, in the harsh climate of New England requires a very special company. Finding the right company for the job is key and DC Builders is just the company to create unique, custom buildings that are tailor made to fit climate, weather conditions, and specific needs of each and every individual client. We offer a simple, seamless, turnkey process from design to completion.

Basic Background of Maine:

Maine is a rocky, cold, and often blustery state where the sea and the land meet to create beautiful rocky shores, great fishing, and incredibly cold winters. Maine is also the easternmost and northern most territory in the continental United States. Bordered by Canada and the Atlantic Ocean, Maine is a world in and of itself. Maine offers visitors and residents alike scenic views, rich culture, and an atmosphere that rivals the society from which the United States was born.

Maine has mild summers, harsh winters, and varying transitional periods. With temperatures topping out at about 80 during the summer and falling well below zero in the winter, Maine offers an interesting climate for builders and residents to work with. Terrain is also a big issue when it comes to building. Much of the coast is rocky and has little flat soil, much of the interior is heavily wooded and must be cleared for building, and most of the flat, usable land has been taken up with buildings that date to the conception of the state.

Maine Attractions:

With attractions like sandy beaches, day long sailing trips, hunting trips, and a bevy of outdoor activities, Maine has plenty to offer to visitors and residents. Old Fort Western, Fort Halifax, and Palace Playland are just some of the most interesting attractions. Old Fort Western and Fort Halifax offer a look into the past of the state, with tours, educational classes and lectures, and museums, these forts are perfect for a day visit. Palace Playland is New England’s largest amusement parks and offers tons of attractions for the entire family.

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