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Things to Consider When Building Riding Arenas

When you’re riding your horse on a regular basis, you’ll most definitely want to have a riding arena. Whether you’re riding professionally, for fun, or giving lessons; having a riding arena nearby and handy is often one of the greatest pleasures of any horse rider. Then again, there are some days that would make one cringe because of the weather conditions and a riding arena allows you to enjoy the thrill of the ride without having to face the tough elements of that day. However, an arena can often be a big investment for most people and requires a lot of consideration when you’re thinking about building one. While people often cut back on some things when getting a riding arena built, the following are some specifications that you should keep in mind when budgeting or designing a riding arena for your use.

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Riding Arena In Shingle Springs, California

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Covered Arena In West Linn, Oregon



The space allotted to a riding arena can be allotted and adjusted in accordance with the acidity it will be used for. If you just plan to lunge your pony or practice dressage, then an arena measuring up to a space of 60 x40 meters will be more than appropriate. On the other hand, if you plan on practicing show jumping or creating a gaming ring, then extending the space up to a space of 120 x 200 meters will be more suited to your requirements. Just remember that its not possible to build an arena that is too big but it is completely possible to make it too small.

Choice of Footing

The arena’s footing plays a huge effect on your horses performance and the functional use of the arena itself. The footing can be made of rubber, sand, gravel, and other elements that can provide the horse support for running in that area. However, many people prefer to layer the arena with a choice of two or three materials that help determine the hardness or softness of the turf. Making it too hard can prove to be injurious to the rider while making it too soft can cause undue stress on the horse in order for it to maintain its footing. Similarly, you don’t just sprinkle sand all around and call it an arena. Lay the sand down in a directional manner running from north or south. This ensures that the arena receives more sun, stays well lit longer, and dries in a suitable manner.

Indoors or Outdoors

This factor largely depends on the seasonal changes experienced by your climate. If you live in an area that experiences temperatures that are mild even during the winters, getting an outdoor arena will be the best choice. In extreme temperatures though, an indoor arena is a welcome luxury, particularly during freezing winters. Unfortunately, indoor arenas have the quality of turning into hot ovens during the scalding summers if they are not properly equipped to allow proper ventilation. However, some people do prefer to opt for indoor areas as a preference on their own part. One easy contrivance though is to get an adjustable covering made for outdoor arenas which can be pulled on and off in accordance with the temperature and weather conditions.

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Natural Horse Products

When you’re looking after someone, it is only natural to want to provide them with the best care possible. This need is further magnified when you are charged with the well being of something as sensitive as a horse.

Despite their large bulk, horses are particularly sensitive to the chemicals and other ingredients in manufactured products that can bring about ill effects in them, often resulting in devastating deaths which could have been easily avoided.

With increasing awareness towards the needs of animals, everyone has started going back to their original roots and utilizing nature to get the perfect products for their four hoofed friends. If you’re also in search of the natural products for your horse, you should definitely try the following four products.

All Natural Horse Hoof Sprays and Salves

Oftentimes, horses are subjected to conditions where they might have to spend some time standing in mud or dirty bedding. Prolonged exposure to such conditions can cause a fungal hoof infection to develop. However, in some rare cases, hoof conditions can occur even in the most pristine of living conditions. In such scenarios, natural made horse hoof sprays and salves are your best friends.

Using sprays with manufactured or synthetic ingredients can often backfire and cause deterioration in the hoof by also eating away healthy tissue. Instead of permanently laming the horse, try to opt for something which is made from all natural ingredients like White Willow, Oregano Oil, Calendula and other herbs. These herbs are effective in controlling and eliminating the problem without causing the horse to suffer from any other side effects.

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All Natural Horse Manes and Hair Shampoos

Everyone needs baths to stay clean and the same is true for horses, particularly when said horse is being groomed and prepped for a horse show. Unfortunately, it is possible for a horse to get an allergic reaction of some kind to the ingredients used in shampoos and coast manufactured with synthetic ingredients.

In severe cases, this can even result in the horse going bald in some areas of their coat or experience such severe irritation that it could cause them to rub off most of their manes or tails. Investing in a shampoo that has tea tree, aloe vera, rosemary, lavender, and other soothing herbal oils and essences can ensure that your horse’s coat remains shiny, glossy, and healthy.



All Natural Pest Sprays

Pests such as flies, fleas, and ticks are extremely troublesome for horses since being stabled turns the horses into perfect targets for them. Flies in particular are known to annoy horses and sting them occasionally too. Although most owners prefer to spray heir horses coats or surroundings, it can also make the horse suffer from an allergic reaction, get a skin irritation, or require more than one dose for it to be effective.

With the help of products that have natural extracts like Comfrey, Calendula, Plantain and other soothing extracts, you’ll find that your four-hoofed friend not only stays safe from the flies but also stays safe of any skin irritations and allergic reactions.

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If you have any suggestions regarding all natural products that are horse friendly, feel free to share your opinion about them in the comments section below.