• Where are you located?

    DC Builders is headquartered in the heart of the Pacific Northwest, just outside Portland, Oregon, and has employees working nationwide to service clients across the country.

  • What services do you provide?

    DC Builders is a full-service design/build firm. Our design teams create one-of-a-kind custom plans, and our project managers and expert crews provide construction services. There are a number of ways to engage with DC Builders’ design and construction experts:

    Plans Only – Are you a general contractor, or do you have a builder in mind? DC Builders will get you plans to meet your exact specifications, and we’ll look forward to seeing photos of the completed project.

    Materials Package – We’ve spent years building relationships with the best lumber mills in the Pacific Northwest. Now we’re leveraging those relationships to cut out the middleman and give our clients great deals on building materials of the highest quality. Consider combining your floor plans with a material package from DC Builders to start your project right.

    Shell Construction – If you’re inexperienced with heavy timber framing, or you’re interested in finishing the interior of your structure on your own or with a local contractor, consider hiring DC Builders’ expert crews to come to your property and build the shell of your structure.

    Turnkey Construction – If you get on board with DC Builders’ turnkey design/build process, we’ll handle your project from the initial design meeting to the day we hand you your keys. With our world-class design and project management teams working together under one roof, we’ll ensure your project runs smoothly.

  • I just want plans. Do you sell plans only?

    Yes! Our custom design services allow you to purchase plans that serve a wide array of uses, from pricing and lending purposes to permitting and construction.

  • I already have plans. Can you give me a construction quote?

    Sure! DC Builders frequently works with outside architects and designers offering our construction services, project management services, post and beam framing and kit customization.

  • Do you have a project in my area that I can visit?

    We have projects located all over the country, and most likely in your area. Please let us know if you are interested in visiting one of our projects and we will try to arrange a site visit for you.

  • Do you have your own trained crews to build my structure?

    Yes, we only work with our own skilled and experienced crews for the framing, siding and finish carpentry.

  • Am I paying extra to bring your crews in from out of town?

    It may seem counter intuitive, but DC Builders is very competitive with your local and regional contractors’ prices. As specialists in our trade, we execute efficient building techniques that save our clients time and money. Logistical costs to mobilize our crews average $4,000–$7,000 for the duration of a project; these costs are easily recouped during construction. Our crews work seven days a week and 10–12 hours a day to maximize efficiency and reduce costs.

    DC Builders is neither the cheapest contractor, nor the most expensive, but we do believe we provide the greatest value.

  • How much do your buildings cost per square foot?

    That’s the beauty of the design/build process! There are many ways to arrive at a finished product, and each of them have a different price point. Once we understand your desires and budgetary needs, we can help you develop a design that works for you. Our barn and home structures can range from $60 per square foot up to $300. Covered and indoor riding arenas start at $20 per square foot.

  • How long will it take to get started on my project?

    Depending on your local regulations, we can mobilize our crews in as little as four weeks.

  • How long will it take to complete my project?

    While every project is different, our basic structures take four to six weeks to complete. If your project includes living quarters, the construction period can range from three to six months.

  • Does the placement of my structure on my property impact the cost?

    Absolutely, where you place the structure matters. Excavation and foundation costs will vary depending on your site. We try and pick the most level site on the property that is closest to existing utilities. If your property does not have existing utilities, be sure to take this into consideration when budgeting for your project. We offer site visits and facility planning as part of our design process to help minimize costs and allow your project to run smoothly.

  • How do I get my permit for construction?

    If you feel that you do not have the time or capacity to handle the permitting process on your own, you can enlist the services of our permitting specialists here at DC Builders. Although there are fees associated with this service, our expertise can help you save money in the long run.

  • What green features do you offer in your structure?

    We try to design our buildings around dimensional lumber to minimize waste and incorporate recycled materials whenever possible. DC Builders offers environmentally responsible features, including compost solutions, rainwater collection systems and solar panels. We also strive to design and position our buildings to maximize the utilization of natural light and ventilation. We’ve joined the United States Green Building Council because we believe green building techniques will soon be seen as essentials, not luxury upgrades.



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