Barn Homes

The barn home is a relic of U.S. history and culture that dates back to the country’s earliest days. A barn home can be defined as a house built in the style of a barn or a barn that’s been converted into a home. A classic aesthetic with timeless appeal, barn-style homes come in a variety of styles that pay homage to different eras of barn design trends. Despite the barn’s roots in husbandry, modern barn homes are elegant structures that are well suited for those with luxurious tastes. When designed and constructed with superior attention to detail and a commitment to the longevity of the building, barn-style houses are a great long-term investment. Perhaps most enticing is the opportunity barn homes present to design a living space that is complementary of the homeowner’s lifestyle and personality.

Barn Homes Built to Last

Most barn houses are built using durable timber frame techniques and/or the reliable method of post-and-beam construction. Buildings designed in this manner are constructed for the long haul, as a well-made post-and-beam barn home will stay standing for generations to come. In fact, timber frame structures are oftentimes the only ones to remain intact in the wake of a natural disaster. Outside of post-and-beam construction’s durability, the use of heavy timbers for structural support allows for a great deal of flexibility when it comes to designing the layout of a barn house. As a result, post-and-beam barn homes benefit from high ceilings and beautiful open-concept interiors. These sweeping interior spaces create an incredible atmosphere that is perfect for either relaxing with loved ones or entertaining family and friends.


While many are intrigued by the idea of transforming an existing barn into a barn-style home, the reality is that it can be a painstaking process. Barn conversions are costly and, depending on the state of the barn, there could be a number of regulatory hoops to jump through in order to bring it up to code. Inevitable hidden expenses in the form of fumigation costs and re-engineering fees can ultimately end up costing more in the end than a brand new custom barn home design. Unless the barn is in tip-top condition, there’s a good chance an all new barn house structure will be a better move long-term. When it comes to making an investment in something as monumental as a home, it’s always a good idea to maximize the value of the structure.


Nationwide Barn Home Builders

DC Builders is a nationwide design and construction company with experience building custom barn homes across the contiguous U.S. Whether our clients come to us with a vision for their barn home or just an idea to build one, we make it our priority to deliver on whatever it is our customers imagine for their custom barn house design. We’ve been building custom barn homes for 15 years, and our varied experience informs all our decisions, thereby enabling us to better lead our clients through the process. Our talented team of designers and project managers apply their impeccable attention to detail and craftsmanship toward the construction of beautiful barn-style houses. DC Builders is also happy to accommodate clients that are just looking for design,framing, plan modification or floor plans.

Barn Homes with Custom Deck

The team at DC Builders takes seriously the quality of its products and services, relying on high-grade construction materials and a one-on-one approach to customer relationships. We believe this dedication to expert-level craftsmanship and superior customer service make us an excellent partner in the design and construction of our clients’ dream barn-style homes. Every barn home we design and build is constructed with the Pacific Northwest’s finest heavy timbers. Our geographical location and experience in the construction industry has given us the opportunity to cultivate meaningful mill-direct relationships with top-quality purveyors of lumber. The connections we’ve established with our lumber mill sources means our customers have access to select structural timbers at a reasonable price point.


Barn House Possibilities

In addition to the technical expertise we offer our clients, we also see ourselves as cultivators of our customers’ dreams. Our Portfolio of barn home projects is a testament to the creativity of our clientele, as well as our capabilities when it comes to extracting that vision and translating it into a beautiful, well-crafted barn-style home. We’re responsible for barn houses across the country that boast a diverse range of styles, sizes and special features. From decks and covered porches to stunning window walls, there’s no barn home design ideas we aren’t willing to entertain. Many of our clients make requests for barn-style homes that serve as hybrid structures in which a built-in workshop or barn for their horses is included in the design. Regardless of style, function or features, the team at DC Builders brings an extraordinary attention of detail to every barn home project they take on.

For potential customers who are beginning to conceptualize their own barn home plans, our gallery is a wonderful source of inspiration. Take this custom barn home in Bend, Oregon, for example. The large bottom-level garage with tall ceilings was designed specifically for RV storage, while the second-story partially covered deck allows for year-round enjoyment of the surrounding scenic high desert landscape. Alternatively, this custom barn-style cabin with ample workspace serves as a wonderful home base for our clients in Daggett, Michigan during hunting season. On the other hand, equestrian enthusiasts might draw ideas from this custom barn with elegant living quarters located in Newnan, Georgia. With a large covered porch and a handcrafted custom stone chimney, this multi-use barn home is both functional and attractive. Possibilities are truly plenty when it comes to designing a barn house with DC Builders.


Choosing a Partner in Barn Home Design

DC Builders sets a high standard for its own level of quality services, as well as for its competitors in the construction industry at large. Our philosophy entails doing a job well done the first time around, so we can save our customers time and money throughout the duration of their custom barn home construction projects. We’ve been fortunate to collaborate with clients all over the U.S. and are confident in our ability to deliver on our quality promise. With a commitment to truly listening to what our customers are hoping to get out of their barn-style house plans, we provide them with a level of service that we would expect while undergoing a custom barn home design process of our own. Our top priority is to design and build the barn home of our clients’ dreams while keeping them happy along the way. Download our digital catalog to get a better sense of the possibilities or request a free quote to get working on your barn house vision today!



Hear what our customers think


“DC Builders really advised us on things that let us get this excellent result. It’s a very comfortable space to be in.”

Ed Healy, Rancho Milagro

Custom Barn Homes FEATURED

This custom barn home was designed and built by DC Builders in Bend, Oregon.


Built in the beautiful high desert environment of Bend, Oregon, this barn home fits in perfectly with its scenic surrounding. With a spacious garage with RV parking on the ground floor, and a customized living area upstairs, including a 600 sq ft. deck area, this barn home has it all.

This barn home and hunting cabin was built by DC Builders in Daggett, Michigan.

Daggett, Michigan SPACIOUS WORK AREA

This barn home is the ultimate hunting cabin, and more. In addition to custom designed, rustic-styled living quarters on the top floor is a spacious garage and workspace on the ground level, perfect for storing tools and vehicles during your stay.

This barn home in Burlington, North Carolina is a great addition to the property.

Burlington, North Carolina SAY ‘HAY’ TO THE HORSES

This stunning barn home in Burlington, North Carolina was designed by the in-house design team at DC Builders. Featuring a completely custom layout, this barn holds four horse stalls, a feed room, and a tack room. Unique to this home is a living space that sits on the ground level, including a bedroom, living room, and kitchen with windows into the horse stalls.

This barn home in Newnan, Georigia was custom built by DC Builders.


This custom barn with living quarters in Newnan, Georgia features a luxurious two bedroom apartment with a majestic great room. The main level consists of two horse stalls, a tack room, a wash bay, a garage, a custom stainless steel processing room with a commercial kitchen to support the clients’ hunting hobby, and two full length shed roofs.



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