This stunning barn home in Newnan, Georgia was custom designed and built by DC Builders.

Barns With
Living Quarters

A barn with living quarters is a classic American structure that is perfect for the dedicated equestrian enthusiast. Cost-effective and energy-efficient, barns with living quarters are hybrid homes that provide shelter for both people and their equine friends. Despite what people might think about living under the same roof as their horses, the reality is that apartment barns are well suited for an elegant and rustic aesthetic. When barns with living quarters are constructed with a commitment to structural reliability and fine craftsmanship, they make for smart long-term investments. Naturally sustainable in their efficient utilization of space and resources, the apartment barn enables horse owners or caretakers to remain close to their livestock and the lifestyle that they love.

Superior Construction Methods

Making the decision to invest in a barn with living quarters is a landmark event for any homeowner, so it’s imperative the apartment barn be constructed for longevity. Wood barns with living quarters that are built using the reliable method of post-and-beam-construction are a sound investment in the long run. If given proper attention and upkeep over time, these durable building types will stay standing for generations to come, as they are often some of the only structures to successfully weather natural disasters. Beyond their structural integrity, barns with living quarters designed in the style of post-and-beam construction make for dramatically open interiors with tall ceilings. These open-concept layouts provide a luxurious atmosphere that is wonderful for hosting friends or winding down with family.


People are often curious to know if they can renovate an existing barn into an apartment barn by adding or refinishing a loft area to serve as the upstairs living quarters. This is certainly doable, but it’s generally a costly process that comes with a major regulatory headache. Fumigation fees and re-engineering fees are unavoidable, and will likely run a larger bill than a brand new custom apartment barn would total. A barn conversion could be worth it if the existing barn is up to local building codes and in excellent condition, but more often than not, a new custom design and build is the better long-term choice. Not only will the homeowner likely save on expenses, but the new barn with living quarters will benefit from a longer lifespan and more opportunities for customization.


Apartment Barns Across the Country

Nationwide design and construction firm DC Builders has experience designing and building custom barns with living quarters all over the U.S. Sometimes our clients come to us with well developed ideas for their apartment barns, and others with a simple goal to build one. Wherever our customers are at in the concepting stage of their barn with living quarters project, we guide them through a collaborative design process to ensure their visions are well represented throughout the final design and construction phases. Our experience spans 15 years and dozens of completed custom apartment barns. The insight we’ve gained in the last decade and a half has allowed us to refine our process over time to better serve our clients. With close attention to fine detail, our designers and project managers demonstrate the craftsmanship of their work through the construction of one-of-a-kind custom apartment barns. For clients looking to utilize standalone services such as design, framing, plan modification or floor plans, DC Builders is happy to help.

This apartment barn in Cornelius, Oregon was custom built by DC Builders.

DC Builders’ commitment to quality products and services forms the basis of its guiding principles. With a reliance on well-sourced construction materials and a dedicated, one-on-one approach to customer service, DC Builders makes a wonderful design and construction partner for those looking to build a new barn with living quarters. Every one of the apartment barns we’ve designed and built have been constructed with select-grade heavy timbers from the Pacific Northwest. Being located in the heart of the timber industry has granted us a unique opportunity to form mill-direct relationships with local lumber mills. This special relationship allows us to source high-quality timber at a reasonable price that we can pass along to our clients.


Apartment Barn Inspiration

Our technical expertise in design and construction is of great benefit, but it’s our ability to cultivate and execute clients’ dreams that makes us a truly beneficial partner. We boast a portfolio of barn with living quarters projects that speaks volumes about our unique ability to extract our clients’ visions and translate them into well-crafted apartment barns, as well as the creativity of our clientele. The projects we’ve completed range in style, size and special features, and are located in remote rural areas, thriving urban centers and everywhere in between. Apartment barn living has a number of benefits, including increased security for barn animals and the cost efficiency of a multi-use structure. No matter the client’s objectives or special requests, DC Builders will apply its design and construction chops to create a long-lasting, one-of-a-kind barn with living quarters to satisfy the client’s lifestyle needs.

Sometimes clients are intrigued by the possibility of an apartment barn, but worry about the potential for barn smells in their home or a lackluster design. Our gallery can put these fears to rest, as we’ve never worked with a single client who felt like they had to sacrifice elegance in their home simply because it shared a wall with their barn. Thoughtful ventilation and durable construction allow clients to keep their animals close but separate. Of course, there are plenty of design opportunities to create spaces that customers and their horses can share. This barn with living quarters in Santa Ynez, California boasts a covered outdoor patio with a viewing window into the horse stalls. In Taos, New Mexico, these apartment barn clients can enjoy their second-story deck while keeping an eye on their horses in the outdoor pen below. And in Burlington, North Carolina, this barn with living quarters features a first-floor kitchen with a viewing window into the attached barn so the homeowners can always see what their horses are up to. DC Builders involves its customers heavily in the design process and is willing to entertain any idea our clients would like to bring to fruition.


Building a DC Barn with Living Quarters

DC Builders has high expectations for the quality of its products and customer service. We care about getting it right the first time around, and saving our clients time and money throughout the design and construction phases of their custom barns with living quarters. We consider ourselves lucky to have had so many opportunities for collaboration with clients across the country, and we stand behind our quality promise. By truly listening to our clients’ needs and responding accordingly, we provide them with outstanding service unmatched by competitors in the construction industry. We take seriously our commitment to bringing our clients’ dreams to life. To get a better sense of how we turn dreams into plans, download our digital catalog. If you’ve already got an idea for your apartment barn project, get started today with a free quote!



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“DC Builders really advised us on things that let us get this excellent result. It’s a very comfortable space to be in.”

Ed Healy, Rancho Milagro

Custom Barn Homes FEATURED

This custom barn home was designed and built by DC Builders in Bend, Oregon.


Built in the beautiful high desert environment of Bend, Oregon, this barn home fits in perfectly with its scenic surrounding. With a spacious garage with RV parking on the ground floor, and a customized living area upstairs, including a 600 sq ft. deck area, this barn home has it all.

This barn home and hunting cabin was built by DC Builders in Daggett, Michigan.

Daggett, Michigan SPACIOUS WORK AREA

This barn home is the ultimate hunting cabin, and more. In addition to custom designed, rustic-styled living quarters on the top floor is a spacious garage and workspace on the ground level, perfect for storing tools and vehicles during your stay.

This barn home in Burlington, North Carolina is a great addition to the property.

Burlington, North Carolina SAY ‘HAY’ TO THE HORSES

This stunning barn home in Burlington, North Carolina was designed by the in-house design team at DC Builders. Featuring a completely custom layout, this barn holds four horse stalls, a feed room, and a tack room. Unique to this home is a living space that sits on the ground level, including a bedroom, living room, and kitchen with windows into the horse stalls.

This barn home in Newnan, Georigia was custom built by DC Builders.


This custom barn with living quarters in Newnan, Georgia features a luxurious two bedroom apartment with a majestic great room. The main level consists of two horse stalls, a tack room, a wash bay, a garage, a custom stainless steel processing room with a commercial kitchen to support the clients’ hunting hobby, and two full length shed roofs.



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