Benton City Custom Winery


Benton City, Washington

This beautiful wood winery in Benton City, Washington presented a unique challenge for our team due to the regulations and requirements associated with building a winery. From the tasting room to the complex multi-level HVAC system, everything had to be customized to meet industry standards and achieve the look and feel our client and renowned sommelier Chris Upchurch desired. Not only were we able to design a structure that checked every box, but one that gives Chris the opportunity to share his talents in a winery all his own. The exterior is clad with cedar board and batten siding and features a 12′ x 40′ deck with galvanized railing for relaxing and taking in the vineyard views. Inside, the facility includes a wine cellar with a platform lift that transports barrels from the cellar to the ground floor, along with a stunning glass-enclosed tasting room that speaks to the winery’s distinctive design.

Digital Catalog

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