Cornelius Apartment Barn

Location: Cornelius, Oregon


Apartment barns are inherently efficient structures, making good use of one building for two purposes. This custom apartment barn in Cornelius, Oregon boasts a number of additional sustainable upgrades that reduce the property’s overall carbon footprint. Energy-efficient upgrades include skylights to optimize natural lighting, a solar panel to offset energy consumption and an electric car charging station to cut down on carbon emissions.

With two horse stalls, two dog kennels and all the necessary equestrian amenities on the ground floor, these clients get to keep their favorite four-legged family members close at all times. Upstairs, 1,800 sq. ft. of living space includes a guest room, bathroom, office, living room, kitchen and balcony. Nantucket dormers, each with their own timber truss, bring character to the building and additional head space to the living area.

Custom Built-Ins

This functional apartment barn is full of custom built-ins that make better use of an already efficient space. Stained wood shelves and bookcases complement the exposed timber aesthetic while also providing extra storage and display surfaces.

Sustainable Living



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