Cornelius Apartment Barn


Cornelius, Oregon

Apartment barns are inherently efficient structures, with multi-use layouts that allow you to combine your hobbies and home all under one roof. With this custom apartment barn design in Cornelius, Oregon, we were not only able to merge our client’s passions into one structure, but also create a home centered around sustainability. Energy-efficient upgrades such as skylights, solar panels, and an electric car charging station help our client reduce their property’s overall carbon footprint, while the structure’s multi-purpose design makes productive use of every square inch. With two horse stalls, two dog kennels, and all the necessary equestrian amenities on the ground floor, these clients get to keep their favorite four-legged family members close at all times. Upstairs, a 1,800 sq. ft. apartment with a guest room, bathroom, office, living room, kitchen, and balcony offer all the comforts of any traditional home and then some.

Digital Catalog

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