This workshop was custom built by DC Builders in Fillmore, California.

Garages and Shops

Home is where people go to lay their heads to rest at night, but it’s not always the place they go to follow their passionate pursuits. Whether those pursuits are centered around a hands-on trade, a collection-based hobby or an active outdoor lifestyle with lots of equipment and toys, the unifying factor is that most free-time lifestyle activities require space. Garages and workshops make it easier to keep the things people love close to the vest—or at least close enough for them to make the most of their hobbies without adding miles and distance to the way they organize their lives. When constructed with an unbending dedication to structural longevity and fine attention to detail, garages and workshops make for smart investments that will add to the value of any property. Further, they’ll allow for the homeowners and successive generations to pursue their interests more fully.

Reliable Garage Construction

A new garage or workshop project is an important milestone for any property owner, which makes it all the more crucial to have it constructed for the long haul. Garages and workshops that are built in the durable method of post-and-beam construction make for sound assets that will remain in great condition as time wears on. With proper attention and upkeep, post-and-beam garages can be passed along from one generation to another, with some post-and-beam buildings outlasting the 100-year mark and then some. A testament to their reliability, post-and-beam buildings are often the only to remain standing in the aftermath of a natural disaster. These garages’ structural longevity is further complemented by post-and-beam constructions propensity for customization and open-concept interiors.


Occasionally we get approached by customers who are interesting in learning more about how to convert an existing barn into a garage or workshop. This is certainly not outside the realm of possibility, but it can make for an expensive ordeal wrapped in red tape. Most people don’t realize that hidden costs such as fumigation and re-engineering fees will pile onto their renovation bill. It might be worth a shot if the existing structure is in good shape, but the odds are high that a new wood garage is a better option in terms of price tag and longevity. Aside from the assurance that starting over will provide in terms of structural reliability, building a new garage means more opportunities for customization of the space.


Nationwide Garage Builders

Custom design and construction firm DC BuildersDC Builders has worked with clients all over the U.S. to create beautiful and functional garages and workshops. Our customers tend to be highly creative individuals with immense passion for the things they do. Having worked with such an array of personalities to help them bring their hobbies, lifestyles and professions closer has given us great insight when it comes to helping clients nail down their designs. Sometimes our customers know exactly what they want, and sometimes it takes some collaboration to get to the heart of their needs. Wherever our clients are at in the process, we provide them with step-by-step assistance to ensure their garages and workshops come out exactly as they had envisioned.

DC Builders has more than 15 years of experience in the construction industry, and has been the driving force behind countless garage and workshop projects. This varied experience has enabled us to refine our methods over time so we can better serve our clients. Further, it’s given us some great ideas when it comes to creating a space that is worthy of our clients’ visions and lifestyles. We are a full-service team that offers turnkey construction services, but we are also more than happy to accommodate clients with stand-alone services like design, framing, plan modification or floor plans.

Impeccable attention to detail and the quality of our products is what forms the basis of our quality promise—which is evident at every step of our collaborative process. The materials we source for our garage and workshop projects are the best around, and our team’s commitment to client satisfaction is unparalleled by our competitors in the industry. Every one of our garages and workshops are constructed using select-grade heavy timbers that we purchase from our mill-direct relationships in the Pacific Northwest. Having our headquarters located in the heart of Oregon’s timber industry means great deals on lumber that we can pass along to our clients. This coupled with our above-and-beyond approach to customer service make us a stellar garage builder to partner with.


Garage and Workshop Ideas

In addition to our construction chops and outstanding customer service, we also understand that part of our job entails cultivating clients’ dreams. Our portfolio of garages and workshops speaks volumes about the creativity of our customers—as well as about our capabilities in translating ideas into concrete garage plans. The garages and workshops we’ve built range in style, size and intended use, and have locations that span from rural landscapes to bustling urban scenes. No matter the task at hand, DC Builders will rise to the occasion and deliver on the customer’s vision. That’s because we understand that functionality and elegance are not mutually exclusive results.

Our clients’ reasons for adding a garage or workshop to their property are as diverse as our clientele itself. From classic car collectors, such as the owner of this classic car barn in Fillmore, California, to dedicated RV travelers, like the owners of this RV garage with living quarters in Bend, Oregon—the possibilities are as endless as the imagination will allow for. We’ve worked on hunting workshops with cabin quarters, like this one in Daggett, Michigan, and we’ve designed and built backyard workspaces that also double as a place to relax and unwind, like this party barn and workshop in Sandy, Oregon. We want our clients, both current and potential, to understand that the value a new garage or workshop would add to their lives exceeds financial gain. At the end of the day, our clients and the projects they allow us to create for them ultimately serve to enrich their lives and favorite hobbies.


Choosing a Partner in Garages and Workshops Design

If you’re ready to work with a design and construction partner that gets the job done right the first time, then our team would love to chat. Download our digital catalog to imagine the possibilities for your own garage or workshop project. Or, if you’re ready to make moves today, request a free quote to put plans in motion!



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“DC Builders really advised us on things that let us get this excellent result. It’s a very comfortable space to be in.”

Ed Healy, Rancho Milagro

Garages and Shops FEATURED

The design team at DC Builders can create a completely custom monitor style barn design for you today.

Fall City, Washington BEAUTIFUL VIEWS

When designing a garage and workshop for a property like this, it was important that the look and feel of the custom barn matched the beauty of its setting. This barn nails it.

This barn home and hunting cabin was built by DC Builders in Daggett, Michigan.

Daggett, Michigan SPACIOUS WORK AREA

This barn home is the ultimate hunting cabin, and more. In addition to custom designed, rustic-styled living quarters on the top floor is a spacious garage and workspace on the ground level, perfect for storing tools and vehicles during your stay.

Apartment barns can be a beautiful, and useful, addition to your property.

Fillmore, California ONE-OF-A-KIND

This custom barn-style workshop includes plenty of room for the owner’s classic car collection. A pesonalized loft adds room for relaxation, games and fun.



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