Fall City Workshop


Fall City, Washington

This monitor-style workshop in Fall City, Washington originated as a Powell Monitor Barn Kit from DC Structures and underwent major engineering upgrades to achieve its highly customized design. These upgrades include widening the structure from 36′ to 46′, incorporating a heavy timber framed center aisle loft, and performing double-wall construction for all exterior walls. As the site of our client’s manufacturing business, we were tasked with crafting a barn design centered around efficiency. To maximize operations, we designed the raised center aisle in a way that allows our client and their team to lift products and materials from the bottom level to the top with ease. Even with its heavy-duty upgrades, this barn maintains its rustic charm, with Douglas fir and cedar siding that gives it that classic barn appearance. Inside, heavy timber accents provide unparalleled warmth throughout the space.

Digital Catalog

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