Wedding Barns and Event Venues

Barn reception venues have seen a continuous rise in popularity over the years, and so far that trend has showed no signs of slowing. Wedding barns provide a rustically elegant setting with a timeless aesthetic, making them perfect for both ceremonies and receptions. As more brides and grooms to be opt for stunning outdoor properties over traditional churches for their special days, investing in a wedding barn is becoming a more attractive business opportunity. From weddings to graduation ceremonies to family reunions and more, there’s no shortage of potential clients looking for an event barn to enjoy with family and friends.

Barns may be associated with cowboys, livestock and muddy boots, but the look and feel of a classic barn is easily dressed up or down to meet the wedding party’s vision. Custom, all-wood wedding and event barns designed with an unfailing commitment to longevity of the structure and quality of the craftsmanship are smart investments in the long run—particularly when they are used for other events in addition to weddings. Perhaps most importantly, a well-constructed wedding and event barn venue will leave a lasting impression on the betrothed and their beloved guests.

Wedding Barns Built to Last

Barn reception venues designed and constructed using reliable post-and-beam construction methods are built for the long haul. Sometimes referred to as timber-frame construction, the post-and-beam building style makes for event barns that will outlast many neighboring structures as the decades wear on. Post-and-beam wedding barns will last one hundred years or more if given proper upkeep over time, and are often the last structures to remain standing in the wake of a natural disaster. Additionally, their employment of heavy timbers as structural support means increased flexibility in terms of the event barn’s interior layout. This makes for stunning wedding barns with tall ceilings and dramatically open inside spaces. These sweeping interiors are the perfect setting for celebrating “I dos” with loved ones.


Every now and then, customers approach us with questions about converting an existing barn into a fully-functioning wedding and event barn. While it’s certainly not outside the realm of possibility, the reality is that it can be a costly and painstaking process. Renovating an old barn is more expensive than most people realize, and with that process can come a frustrating number of regulatory roadblocks to deal with in order to bring the barn up to code. Hidden costs by way of fumigation and re-engineering fees can run a bigger bill than a brand new wedding barn design when all is said and done. Unless the existing barn is in really great shape, chances are high that an all new event barn will make for a better investment long-term. When it comes to putting money into a property and business, effort should be made to maximize the value of the structure.


One-of-a-Kind Event Barn Plans

Nationwide design and construction firm DC Builders is a highly experienced wedding barn builder. Sometimes our clients find us with a fairly refined vision for their event barn and other times they come to us with nothing more than a vague idea to build one. Wherever customers are at in their process, we make it our job to extract that vision and translate it into wedding barn blueprints that are as functional as they are attractive. Our event barn clients are visionaries with sharp business acumen, and they take pride in their work and the projects that have their names attached to them. The process we have developed for designing barn venue plans is highly collaborative, thus ensuring that the lofty goals of our clients are met with ease. DC Builders is also happy to accommodate clients that are just looking for design, framing, plan modification or floor plans.

With more than 15 years of experience designing and building event barns, our talented team of designers and managers has what it takes to deliver on both unparalleled customer service and impeccable craftsmanship. The DC Builders quality promise forms the basis of our reputation, and is evident in everything from the products we source to our customer-centric approach to collaboration. Every wedding barn project we take on is built using the Pacific Northwest’s finest heavy timbers. With our headquarters in the heart of the West Coast’s thriving lumber industry, we have been able to establish meaningful mill-direct relationships with high quality suppliers in the area. This means we are able to pass along great prices on top-grade lumber to our customers, who have only wonderful things to say about working with DC Builders.


Wedding Barn Possibilities

Outside of our technical expertise and one-on-one approach to customer collaboration, we also offer the undervalued service of cultivating our clients’ dreams. Our portfolio of barn event venues speaks volumes about the creativity of our customers, as well as our ability to bring their dreams to fruition. The wedding barns we’ve designed and constructed vary in their styles, sizes and special features. From event barns created with the sole purpose of hosting weddings and events to large, multi-use structures that offer other services such as corporate retreats, workout facilities or wine production, we’ve helped our clients build some pretty impressive venues. This experience makes us a trustworthy partner with whom customers can brainstorm to conceive original wedding barn plans that meet the client’s business objectives.

When customers approach us with an idea for a wedding barn, we find that our gallery of existing event barn projects is a great place to draw inspiration. This barn-style wedding venue in Stillwater, Oklahoma, for instance, is a shining example of a successful wedding barn property. With options for both indoor and outdoor ceremonies and receptions, this fully-equipped wedding facility gives newlyweds-to-be plenty of choices for their special day and has proven itself quite successful from a business standpoint. Similarly, this custom winery and taproom in Benton City, Washington has also found success in hosting weddings and events. Aside from the stunning vineyard views, the on-site supply of wine makes for simplified logistical reception planning. On the flip side, we’ve also seen clients combine their personal hobbies with a small side business, like this hybrid horse and wedding barn in Fall City, Washington. The possibilities for creative event barn plans are as endless as the imagination will allow.


A Wedding Barn Builder You Can Trust

DC Builders sets the standard for competitors in the industry, and continues to outperform self-imposed high expectations. For us, it’s about doing it right the first time, thereby saving our clients time, money and stress headaches. In other words, we perform to the same standard that we would expect while undergoing the process of our own event barn project. We understand that the people who ask us to collaborate on an event barn with them are people who are taking a business risk, so we do everything in our power to ensure their objectives are met without incident. By truly listening to what our customers are hoping to achieve with their wedding barn plans, we can better deliver on our quality promise. And while the cost to build a barn for weddings isn’t always cheap, we are committed to keeping costs as low as possible and being transparent about prices along the way. If you’re ready to start planning for an event barn, download our digital catalog. Or, if you’ve already got something in mind, request a free quote and get started today!



Hear What Our Customers Think


Your barn is so much more than a home for your horses, it is a vital piece of your property, business and lifestyle. When you build with DC Builders your barn takes on a personality of its own, one that matches your own. That way you can always be proud of what you built.


Stillwater, Oklahoma WEDDING BARN

This Oklahoma barn style wedding venue is truly one of-a-kind. With outdoor and indoor ceremony options, private bride and groom suites and full catering capabilities, this wedding venue has everything you could ever need. This venue was built to beautifully accommodate a variety of clients, weddings, and events.

This custom wedding barn was built by DC Builders in Fall City, Washington.

Fall City, Washington PARTY BARN

This multi-purpose barn in Fall City, Washington is used for intimate weddings, small gatherings and more. With a full loft, wet bar and ample bar seating, it’s the perfect rustic retreat for friends and family. Equestrian enthusiasts looking for a uniquely memorable wedding enjoy the proximity to six horses that occupy the ground-floor stalls.

This custom wedding barn is a one of a kind structure from DC Builders.

Arrington, Tennessee PLANTATION WEDDINGS

This enormous barn for weddings and events can hold 39 banquet tables and 300 guests. The all-inclusive venue features a bridal suite, a groom’s suite, a commercial food preparation area, an office, restrooms and storage for setup equipment. The sweeping ballroom and outdoor patio space offer plenty of room for guests to roam and enjoy the historic plantation setting.

The wedding barn is a custom structure from DC Builders.

Delafield, Wisconsin MIDWESTERN CLASSIC

This Midwestern gem of a wedding barn pays homage to the classic spirit of farming that imbues middle America. With a 2,900 sq. ft. hall on the main level, this venue has all the bells and whistles you need for your special day. A catering facility, storage area, and bride’s and groom’s quarters remove the stresses of wedding planning. Guests can also enjoy a covered patio outside.

DC Builders specializes in builder wedding and event venues across the country.

Carmel Valley Athletic Club MULTI-USE ELEGANCE

This beautifully timber-framed clubhouse in Carmel, California is a great place for gatherings, events and just kicking back to relax with friends. The health and wellness facility provides members with a tranquil environment in which to unwind and burn some calories, while the retreat amenities provide a stunning backdrop for retreats and weddings.

This winery and barn home in Benton City, California was built by DC Builders.

Benton City, Washington VINEYARD WEDDINGS

The best part of a vineyard wedding, aside from the stunning views, is that delicious wine is never too far away! This beautiful winery in Benton City, Washington was created by the in-house design team at DC Builders. The large, all-wood facility sits on a 60′ x 64′ footprint with a 40′ x 36′ second floor. The finished space upstairs includes lots of room to entertain and relax, as well as a wonderful custom kitchen.


Working On A Business Plan?

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