Man Caves, Lady Caves & Backyard Party Barns

Everyone needs a place to retreat to from time to time, be it from the hectic pace of life or the demands of work and home. A weeklong vacation to a tropical island without wifi would certainly do the trick, but have you ever considered what kind of reprieve can be found in your own backyard?

DC Builders specializes in the design and construction of backyard party barns, otherwise known as man caves or lady caves. Depending on what it takes for you to relax and unwind, we can help you cultivate a space that will feel like your own private oasis without the sand and sunburn.

Below are some of the benefits in choosing DC Builders as your partner in the design and construction of your backyard getaway.

Dedicated design specialist

When you work with DC Builders, you’re assigned a design specialist who will act as a single point of contact throughout the duration of your project’s planning process. This person will get to know you and your goals in and out, thereby helping you to create a space that meets your vision and needs in full.

Budget management

Custom structures from DC Builders range from $60 per square foot to $300 or more. We are committed to working within our clients’ budgets, and ensuring that costs do not exceed set limits. Our extensive experience working on a wide variety of projects means we have the creative knowhow to get the job done for the right price.

Speedy construction

After design and planning are finished, we can have our crews on location in as little as four weeks. Once in place with all necessary materials, your man cave or lady cave can be completed in anywhere from four to 12 weeks depending on the complexity of the project. Adequate planning and an experienced team of builders make for an efficient and streamlined construction process.

Permit assistance

Local regulations and red tape are an inevitably frustrating aspect of any construction project. If you are confused about or disinterested in navigating the process of obtaining construction permits, we can do it for you. While there is a fee for the additional service, many of our customers have found that our experience with permitting procedures saves them money in the long run.

We take your backyard party barn project seriously, as we understand the importance of taking a break from the daily grind. Regardless of what your man cave or lady cave aspirations entail, we’d love to help you turn your dreams into a concrete and wooden reality. Request a free quote today!


Digital Catalog

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