Advantages to Post and Beam Construction

Building methods come in and out of fashion, but post and beam construction is one of the few that has demonstrated its staying power—and with good reason, too. Post and beam buildings are a sound investment that offer longevity and a timeless aesthetic, as well as a number of benefits that add further value to the structure.

Post and beam construction is a building style that relies on high-grade heavy timbers to create beautifully open interiors. Celebrated for its structural durability and environmentally preferable impact, this method of construction is designed to last for a century or more if given proper upkeep over time.

While this construction approach dates back to ancient Egyptian, Greek and Roman architecture, it continues to be popular for homes, barns, and other structures, due to the following advantages.

Stronger Framework Opens Up Interior Spaces

In a post and beam building, fewer supports are needed because of the strength of the timbers. This allows designers to create expansive and breathtaking interiors.

Timely Construction

The simplicity of post and beam construction allows for buildings to be erected quickly. Assembly is accelerated because there are fewer structural joints overall. Moreover, infill panels can be pre-constructed offsite and added to the building in a snap.

Easily Customizable Floor Plans

Post and beam structures have no load-bearing walls—the timbers do all the work! This allows you to choose exactly where you’d like to place walls, horse stalls, doors, windows and whatever else you’d like in your custom barn or home.

Extraordinary Strength

Post and beam construction is rooted in early Oriental architecture. This construction approach would eventually sweep the globe, partially due to its inherent strength. Some medieval post and beam structures are still standing. (Indeed, some would say Stonehenge qualifies as a post and lintel form of post and beam design.) Post and beam structures are often the only buildings left standing in the wake of hurricanes and earthquakes.

Natural Elegance

Exposed beams create a visual rhythm that most people find appealing. Wood is known for its innate warmth, and the airy interior spaces of post and beam construction resonate with beauty.

Environmentally Preferable

Several popular constructions styles make use of dimensional lumber and treated wood poles. These building methods are both wasteful and less structurally reliable, with treated timbers rotting after 40 years or so. Post and beam construction never requires the use of chemically-treated wood, which makes for a building that is more attractive, longer lasting and better for the environment. Additionally, the use of a monolithic concrete slab foundation scores LEED points for the building.

DC Builders has designed and built post and beam structures all across the U.S. Whether you’re looking for a commercial or residential building, with or without equine amenities, we can create a stunning post and beam structure to meet your needs. Request a quote to get started today!


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