Burlington Barn with Living Quarters

Location: Burlington, North Carolina


This gorgeous monitor style barn was designed by the in-house design team here at DC Builders. Located in beautiful Burlington, North Carolina, this barn with living quarters holds four horse stalls, a feed room, and a tack room. Unlike most apartment barns, the living space stays on the ground level, with a bedroom, living room, and kitchen directly across from the horse stalls. The owners of this barn can even watch their horses through a window in the kitchen.

Upstairs via spiral staircase, the raised center aisle of this monitor barn has been transformed into an office space with access to a cantilevered deck, magnificent views of the property, and a dormer tastefully converted to a desk nook. This high-end structure is defined by its timber frame connections, powder coated hardware, dark wood stain, and top-of-the-line equestrian hardware.

Beautiful Barn Loft Office

The second story office in this North Carolina barn home is perfectly optimized to take advantage of the unique space. The heavy timber framed vaulted roof system with beautiful tongue and groove ceiling coverings adds openness and charm to this already quaint barn loft. This highly customized design brings a functional living space and working space into one.

Stunning Custom Wooden Barn Home


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