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Car Barns

Car barns are easy and simple to understand, they’re barns used for storage of often more than one car, RV, boat, or farm equipment. However, they’re not all that common since there is a certain requirement for space which cannot be met at times. Think of them as an equivalent to the normal farm house barn, and you’ll soon see how beneficial a car barn car barn can be. Particularly, if you have more than one vehicle, boat, or any other type of vehicle.

With that thought in mind, lets take a look at how building a car barn can be beneficial for you:


Car barns are great for storage. Their wide space provides plenty of space to keep things organized as well as keep your car safe. You can also neatly turn it into a semi storage space placing shelves along the wall. You can use these shelves to keep your old stuff or you can even turn a small portion of the garage as an impromptu warehouse to store some car parts or maintenance items. Furthermore, aside from the knick knacks that are in usual car barns, you can also store other larger items.

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Garage With Living Quarters In Sandy, Oregon


Port Side

If you’re a sailing enthusiast, its possible to use a car barn to house your boats when you are not using them. Don’t be worried about the car since boats are angular, they can be kept in smaller spaces. Furthermore, car barns are really spacious, so you’ll be able to keep your car and your boat all in one. Often times, people utilize their car barns as a sort of boat shed by turning a portion of the floor into¬†a natural harbor. This allows for great convenience since the boat can then be stored easily.

A Must Have

Car barns are a must have for any car fan owing to the fact that it can provide the perfect storage environment for many classic and other cars. Furthermore, car barns have begun to be considered as a classic piece of architecture. Owing to this fact, car barns are great favorites for car aficionados since car barns have long been used as a storage space for classic cars. This has caused car barns to strongly become associated with the classic car. So if you own classic cars, getting such a barn is a must in order to keep your car in tip top shape for many years to come