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Custom Wedding Barns Transform “The Big Day” [Infographic]

Our latest infographic explores modern wedding trends and the use of custom barn designs for wedding ceremonies and receptions. Custom wedding barns have dramatic open spaces that blend unconventional aspects with elegant solutions for a truly unique and memorable experience. Barn builders include sought-after rustic elements in the charming building alongside necessary amenities, such as electrical capabilities, shelter from unexpected weather conditions and a space that’s intimate yet ample. Argrotourism is a multi-billion dollar industry in the U.S., and less than 24,000 farms provided this service to the public in 2007. With timeless, rustic weddings proving to be a long-term trend, wedding barns offer distinctive, creative way to use your land.

At DC Building, we create custom designs and build barns using traditional post-and-beam methods and quality lumber. We invite you to learn more about our custom wedding barn and event venue design services.

Custom Wedding Barns


Interested? Check out some of the awesome wedding barns we’ve brought to life here at DC Builders.

Wedding Barns: A Perfect Event Space You Might Not Have Considered

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Wedding Barns by DC BuildingWedding planning can be tricky. Determining a wedding location is one of the first questions that every couple must answer. It’s not always easy to find an attractive room in a stunning setting that’s capacious enough to hold a few hundred guests. For summer weddings, it may be possible to rent a gorgeous outdoor location, but what if the weather turns unexpectedly? Ideally, a wedding venue should offer covered space, a charming atmosphere, and plenty of elbowroom. Wedding barns fit the bill perfectly.

Wedding barn builders can create lovely spaces for ceremonies and receptions. The simplicity of barn construction makes it a snap to erect a spacious, charming building exactly where you want the ceremony and reception to occur. Wedding barns offer the perfect union between nature and elegance, between country chic and old-fashioned charm.

Aesthetic Advantages of Wedding Barns

  • Create the space you want. Renting a farm barn for a wedding can be a pricey hassle. Farmers may not consider the logistical accommodations that your ceremony requires, such as ample parking, strong electrical capabilities, and space for catering and prep. Given these practical headaches, many brides and grooms opt to hire event barn builders. When you engage a professional to build a wedding barn, you can rest assured that all of your needs will be covered, so that you can relax on your big day.
  • Wedding Barns by DC BuildingEnjoy a Relaxed, Rustic Atmosphere. The shabby chic wedding trend isn’t going away any time soon. Guests appreciate the informal feel of a barn wedding. Barns and open country make for stunning wedding pictures. It’s easy to entertain everyone with outdoor games nearby. And the farm setting brings to mind the old country dream of growing old together, while making a place for yourself and your family. In our modern era, many couples appreciate how a farm setting harkens back to yesteryears, when a new couple put down roots for future generations.
  • No need for extravagant decorations. The rustic charm of a barn makes for endless visual interest. No need to jazz up the space—your guests’ eyes will be delighted with the exposed beams and warm wood siding. Wedding pictures can be taken in surrounding fields. For those who would like to create a magical scene, there is always the option of a flower canopy, with your favorite blossoms hanging from the ceiling.

Event barn builders can create breezy spaces for other special occasions as well. Though weddings are the most popular event for custom barns, corporate retreats, birthday celebrations, and any number of other soirees can also shine with a barn as a backdrop.