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Technology and Horses – Apps to Assist with Your Horse

The boom in technology has also given rise to a large number of smart phone applications that help you keep your stallion’s health and wellness in check. Check out the following popular apps to bond with your horse and keep all the essential information related to your stable close to you 24/7. These apps have successfully helped horse owners around the world with just a tap and a touch.

1. The Horse Box

Keep an updated portfolio of your horse safe with you while you are on the go. Keep track of your horses weight, height, breed, vitals, veterinarian contact details, and all other equine related information. You can also take and store pictures of your horse and upload them to popular social media websites through just a single touch! This is a perfect resource to store and share memories with your friends and family.

Horse Box

2. The horseRATION

For those horse owners who are looking for a perfect companion to keep track of the nutritional needs of their horse, horseRATION is the answer! Specifically designed to keep equine nutrition in check, this app keeps record of your horse’s body condition, behavior, and health status. Based on this information, it guides you in deciding the right diet and nutritional choices for your horse. This is a perfect app for new horse owners!

3. Horse Rider SOS

Riding for long hours and going on lengthy trips is one benefit of owning a horse, and for all of those riding enthusiasts out there, the Horse Rider SOS app is an absolute essential! It is especially useful for beginners. This app works like magic if you get stranded or find yourself in trouble when going on long trail rides.

Horses can be unpredictable at times, and in case you get injured or lost while you are miles away from home, this app will alert a list of your predefined emergency contacts. This app will continuously monitor your activity during your ride, and in case you fall off your horse or lose consciousness, this apps safety mechanics will be triggered and your emergency contacts will be alerted.

This app is powered by GPS, and is a handy addition for all those horse owners who are always up for some adventure and thrill.

4. Stable Mate

Update your schedule and manage all the grooming and healthy care needs of your horses through a single tap on your smart phone. Stable Mate not only lets you manage your day-to-day horse health care regime, but also keeps you acquainted and updated with the latest equine related news from around the globe. You can update your horse records on this app with just a tap, and also stay abreast with all the information that you need to know about the care of wellness of horses.

From pest control, health tips, dietary suggestions and riding advice, stable mate keeps you connected with thousands of horse owners and experts around the clock.