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Understanding Barn Home Structural Design Options

While building barn homes across the U.S., we often kick off the design process with a few basic barn types. By starting with a review of structural options, our barn builders can get a big-picture idea of which barn shapes would best suit the client. From Minnesota to Texas, barn builders in America are familiar with these common structural design options:

Shed Row Barns are simple classics. They feature a basic box design with a single-pitched roof. Shed row designs are popular for their affordability and easy customization.

Shed Rown Barn Home Builders

Monitor Barns, sometimes called Raised Center Aisle (RCA) barns, are on the other end of the barn complexity spectrum. They are named after their unique roofline, which includes a dual-pitched, triangular roof with an elevated center section. The central aisle is protected by a gabled roof of its own. As the raised center aisle is often filled with windows, RCA barns enjoy excellent circulation and natural light. For a gorgeous example of a Monitor Barn, check out the Morgan Hill Barn that our California barn builders created.

Monitor Barn Home Builders

Gable Barns have a dual-pitched roof that creates a triangular profile. This cost-efficient, straightforward design is easy to personalize with dormers and more.

Gable Barn Home Builders

Gambrel Barns may be the best-known barn design. Two distinct roof pitches—the outer pitch steep and the inner pitch shallow—create extra storage space in upper stories. This familiar barn structure dots the American landscape, making it ideal for those looking for a classic structure for their barn homes.

Gambrel Barn Home Designers

Selecting from these basic structural options is often the first step in the design process we follow with clients. However, we must emphasize our passion for custom building and barn designs. No two clients have identical experiences because each design process is customized. A DC Building design team works with each client for drafting and design meetings conducted via live web meetings. Our advanced yet approachable drafting software and cloud-based project management system allows DC Building customers to fully envision the final structure before building begins.

From Maine to Washington, barn builders from DC Building are passionate about creating stunning structures for our clients. Whatever you imagine, we can make it a reality! Contact DC Building today to learn more.

Why More & More People are Building Barndominiums

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Newnan Barndominium“Did you grow up in a barn?” For kids growing up in barndominiums, the answer to this question is a hearty, “Yes!” Barndominiums are barns with living quarters attached. In some parts of the country, such as Texas, many homeowners prefer barndominiums to conventional homes. Indeed, in certain communities, barndominiums, or barndos as they are affectionately called, are more popular than traditional houses.

Barndos may feature stalls, workshops, living quarters, and storage areas, all under one roof. Some barndominium owners delight in waking to the sound of horses whinnying for their breakfast. Others use the extra space for in-home workshops. And many open up the large barn area for social gatherings.

Why are barndominiums so popular? Here are a few attractions that Texas barn builders can offer by building these modern barns with living quarters.

Benefits of Barndominiums

  1. Quick Construction. Barndominiums can often be built in a fraction of the time required for traditional homes.
  1. Bang for your Buck. Barndominiums tend to be more cost-effective than conventional houses as well. Indeed, barndominiums may be half as expensive as traditional homes! This is partially due to the metal construction that’s commonly used to create barndominiums. Barndo owners may use the money they saved on construction to add a pool, an airy kitchen, or other luxury features.
  1. Exceptional Energy Efficiency. Oftentimes, barndominiums feature foam insulation that’s sprayed in for a uniform layer of thermal protection. Compared to conventional fiberglass insulation, foam insulation tends to be far more energy efficient, making many barndominiums extremely energy efficient as well.
  2. Flexible Space Use. The metal framing of most condominiums allows owners to locate walls wherever they’d like. The external load-bearing metal walls do the heavy work, so there are few or no restrictions on where internal walls may be placed.
  1. Enjoy a strong connection to nature with the luxuries of modern construction. There’s nothing like country quiet to bring peace, tranquility, and self-discovery. Many barndominium dwellers are city transplants looking for a place to enjoy nature in comfort. Barndominiums fit the bill perfectly.

In general, barndominiums often feature soaring interior spaces. Many builders focus on an industrial style, with exposed metal and beams. Here at DC Builders, we have enough expertise in the barndominium field to offer customization to our clients. We can design and build your barndominium to match your personal style. Call us today to learn more.