This beautiful arena measures 80’ x 132’ with a 15’ sidewall height. A 12’ x 72’ shed roof on the backside of the arena contains a 12’ x 24’ enclosed viewing room with a barn top, hardwood floors, and top-of-the-line infrared heaters.

We incorporated two 28’ long skylights at the ridge between three large custom cupolas with windows, and trimmed out several openings around the perimeter to allow as much natural light as possible. This arena also features a 15 degree rub rail, 3 sets of custom sliding doors, cedar batten and board siding throughout the exterior and in the viewing room with fir tongue & groove siding on the interior walls and rub rail. 

You will notice the custom copper finials on the 50-year composition roof, but we really spent our time on the custom overhangs. We tied the arena into the adjacent barn with the custom timber framed overhangs, the timber framed shed roof, and elegant viewing area. We worked very closely with the owner to put the arena in the right location on the property and install proper access around the arena to accommodate car parking and horse trailers.

All Wood Custom Covered Riding Arena
Custom Clear Span Riding Arena

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