Party barns are the perfect place to gather with family and friends.

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Building kits are a great way to get a structure up quickly. These timber frame and post and beam building packages can come in all shapes, sizes, and overall designs, making them perfect for just about any terrain. At DC Builders, we partner with our sister company DC Structures to provide clients in the United States and Canada with pre-engineered building kits for their custom design plans. These building packages make the process of framing your dream structure as easy and efficient as possible.

Building kits come in all different shapes, sizes, and building styles. However, standard building kits are typically geared toward a general building rather than a structure with a specific function. It is far easier to get a structure that is tailored to your own terrain and area if you partner with an experienced design and construction firm for custom design plans. In a place like Saskatchewan where winters can be frigid, summers can be hot, and terrain may be difficult and hard to build on, a custom design may be your best bet.

Custom designs can range from size specifics, utility specifics, and even overall style and look specifics. With a custom design, clients are given the opportunity to create a structure that is tailored to their needs and desires rather than a building that may or may not fit their individual needs. In areas where terrain may be difficult or very specific to the region, it is always best to work with a designer to create a custom design that is fitted not only to needs and budgets, but also to the area in which the structure will continue to exist. By tailoring the barn to individual needs, terrain, and climate, it’s more likely that a barn will stand for decades, if not centuries, and really remain the focal point of a property.


Explore DC Structures’ Line of Barn and Barn Home Kits

To get started on your barn project, visit our sister company DC Structures to browse their line of pre-engineered barn and barn home kits. DC Structures ships complete design and materials packages all over the nation for construction by an approved general contractor, making it easy for you to jumpstart your project in no time. If you’re looking for something more personalized to your taste, DC Builders will work closely with you to create custom design plans for your unique project. Our experienced project managers and framing crews can also mobilize to complete your heavy timber framing, conventional framing, siding installation, and more for your project, no matter where you live in the U.S.

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This barn home in Burlington, North Carolina is a great addition to the client's property.

Beautiful Rustic Barn


This gorgeous monitor style barn was designed by the in-house design team here at DC Builders. This barn with living quarters holds four horse stalls, a feed room, and a tack room. Unlike most apartment barns, the living space stays on the ground level, with a bedroom, living room, and kitchen directly across from the horse stalls. The owners of this barn can even watch their horses through a window in the kitchen.

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DC Builders designs custom horse barns, barns with living quarters, barn homes, workshops, garages, and commercial buildings. We also craft one-of-a-kind riding arenas, both indoor and outdoor. Headquartered in the Pacific Northwest, we specialize in unique heavy timber designs and source only the finest lumber for use in our timber frame and post and beam structures. If you are looking for the best design partner to help design your dream structure in the Saskatchewan area, call (888) 975-2057 or request a quote today!

Having a solid barn to protect your animals from harsh weather conditions is vital. We’ve designed barns throughout the country and have much experience crafting barns to withstand the winters of northern provinces.

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Needing inspiration for your custom heavy timber build? Request a catalog today to get a better idea of what we can create for you and the many ways our team can bring your vision to life.