Our Story

Since 2002, DC Builders has been thrilling clients with one-of-a-kind custom projects in the Pacific Northwest and throughout the country. Although we have our own in-house design team to service many of our clients, we also provide valuable services as general contractors, project managers, and heavy timber framers for architecture and design firms nationwide. With a cultural commitment to speed, quality, and customer service, DC Builders has won rave reviews from architects who praise our attention to detail, professionalism, and our ability to satisfy clients.

[marvelous_hover ratio=”11″ effect=”ming” description=”Deck and garage projects early on” enable_link=”link_image” custom_class=”marvelous_custom_class_9599f704acc608″ image=”5150″ heading_bold=”2003″ heading_thin=”Beginning | “]
[marvelous_hover ratio=”11″ effect=”ming” description=”First Barn We Built” enable_link=”link_image” custom_class=”marvelous_custom_class_9599f705c18a82″ image=”5151″ heading_bold=”2004″ heading_thin=”First Structure | “]
[marvelous_hover ratio=”11″ effect=”ming” description=”Traveling Around the Country Building Barn Kits” enable_link=”link_image” custom_class=”marvelous_custom_class_10599f7067a499f” image=”5157″ heading_bold=”2005″ heading_thin=”Bothell | “]
[marvelous_hover ratio=”11″ effect=”ming” description=”Carmel Valley Athletic Club” enable_link=”link_image” custom_class=”marvelous_custom_class_9599f707a73cf4″ image=”5149″ heading_bold=”2007″ heading_thin=”Carmel Valley | “]
[marvelous_hover ratio=”11″ effect=”ming” description=”Santa Ynez” enable_link=”link_image” custom_class=”marvelous_custom_class_9599f7085124c0″ image=”5154″ heading_bold=”2009″ heading_thin=”Santa Ynez | “]
[marvelous_hover ratio=”11″ effect=”ming” description=”HGTV In Nashville” enable_link=”link_image” custom_class=”marvelous_custom_class_10599f70919811f” image=”5152″ heading_bold=”2010″ heading_thin=”HGTV | “]
[marvelous_hover ratio=”11″ effect=”ming” description=”Started Offering Design” enable_link=”link_image” custom_class=”marvelous_custom_class_10599f709aaf2f4″ image=”5156″ heading_bold=”2012″ heading_thin=”First Designs | “]
[marvelous_hover ratio=”11″ effect=”ming” description=”Higley Home” enable_link=”link_image” custom_class=”marvelous_custom_class_9599f70b2c41af” image=”5153″ heading_bold=”2015″ heading_thin=”Bend Showcase | “]
[marvelous_hover ratio=”11″ effect=”ming” description=”Barrel House” enable_link=”link_image” custom_class=”marvelous_custom_class_10599f70d23a1c1″ image=”5148″ heading_bold=”2017″ heading_thin=”Barrel House | “]
[marvelous_hover ratio=”11″ effect=”ming” description=”Sparrow Hill Wedding Venue” enable_link=”link_image” custom_class=”marvelous_custom_class_8599f70f8451ac” image=”5155″ heading_bold=”2017″ heading_thin=”Sparrow Venue | “]

Core Values

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Our design team can turn your vision into pre-engineered plans.

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