Luxury Equestrian Facility

Location: Arlington, WA


This impressive gable-style equestrian facility is set against a beautiful mountain backdrop in Arlington, Washington. This structure features a grand total of twelve horse stalls, eight dormers, and three custom cupolas. With tongue & groove and cedar batten & board siding, two Classic Equine sliding barn doors on each end, and a timber truss on the front gable end, this barn is a sight to see.

With so many stalls and functional work spaces this barn is perfect for a horse boarding business.

Custom Cupolas

It’s hard not to be impressed with a structure of this proportion and design, but its size also led to unique challenges. An enclosed barn this large needs plenty of ventilation, and with stall doors on the surrounding walls, solutions for providing natural light were need as well. This is where the custom cupolas offered from DC Builders come in handy, not only do they help ventilate and illuminate the inside of this impressive equestrian facility, but they also add a classic look to the structure itself.

A Luxurious Barn For All Your Equestrian Needs


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