These custom designed stalls in San Martin, California were built by DC Builders.

Arkansas Barn Builders

Arkansas, known as the natural state, is a diverse region with several differing geographical constructs. Rather than being all mountain or all plains, Arkansas is divided up into three or four distinct areas, heavily forested areas to the north, the Ozarks to the East, marsh and wetland to the south, and grassy plains to the west

This state is incredibly diverse and as such it is necessary for builders to be able to work with different types of climate and geography. DC Builders is a company devoted to quality barn construction and custom design. With years of experience throughout the United States and Canada, we know what it takes to build a barn that will stand for generations.


Santa Ynez, California

The Santa Ynez horse barn is one of our finest projects yet, with seven covered horse stalls and custom patio.

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Taos, New Mexico

The Taos, New Mexico apartment barn is the perfect example of how to save space and money while not skimping on quality.

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Penn Valley, California

This unique barn has six horse stalls and a gorgeous custom tack room. You can spot the red roof from miles away!

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About Arkansas


Arkansas is a state of moderate climate. Winters are mild and summers are as well with the highest temperatures being attained in the deep south of the state. Arkansas is a state that is rich with cultural history, the area was once part of French Louisiana and then defected to the confederate states during the Civil War. The state is known for its rich southern culture that permeates the entire state and takes visitors back to the time of great southern ladies and suave southern gentlemen.

What To See In Arkansas


The Old State House Museum, Mammoth Spring State Park, and the Grand Prairie Center makes this state perfect for those that want a cultural visit that is well worth the time and effort. The Old State House Museum is a testament to the history of the state and shows the culture of the area and the history of the state and how it ceded from the union and then was readmitted. Mammoth Spring State Park is a monument to nature and the beauty of what it can create. The Park is centered around an enormous natural spring and is situated on acres of lush forest land where visitors can spend the day exploring. Grand Prairie Center is a fantastic place for visitors to spend the day relaxing and seeing what the state has to offer. Each of these attractions are perfect for families that want to spend the day just relaxing.


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