The post and beam design of this heritage center was designed and built by DC Builders.

Timber Frame

DC Builders specializes in the construction of custom timber frame structures. Timber frame construction relies on interlocking wooden joinery and fitted pegs in lieu of nails and metal brackets. The building technique is touted for its well crafted durability, as timber frame structures are often the last ones standing in the wake of natural disasters.

In addition to the benefits of sturdy craftsmanship, the timber frame construction method is seen as a sustainable alternative due to its efficient use wood and lack of metal materials. The use of heavy timbers as opposed to dimensional lumber makes for dramatically open interiors as a result of less support beams and load-bearing walls.

Although DC Builders is headquartered in Oregon, our crews travel to California regularly to plan for and build custom timber frame structures. We believe in delivering on the vision you have for your building, and will work with you at every step of the way to ensure that your custom structure is everything you dreamed it would be.

Timber Frame Structures By DC Builders

This religious center was custom designed and built by DC Builders.

Faith & Heritage Center

Easily one of our finest horse barns yet, this L-shaped shed row barn designed by Blackburn Architects stands proud in San Martin, California.

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Carmel Valley Athletic Club

This beautiful 11,000 sq. ft. athletic facility at the mouth of the Santa Lucia Preserve in Carmel, California adds to the already luxurious Carmel Valley Athletic Club.

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Luxury Horse Barn

The Santa Ynez horse barn is one of our finest projects yet, with seven covered horse stalls and custom patio.

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What Is Timber Frame Construction?

Timber framing is a traditional method of construction that uses fewer, larger wood posts and beams than conventional construction. Furthermore, the frame is fastened using complex wood joinery such as wooden pegs, rather than nails or other mechanical fasteners. Modern timber frame construction offers increased stability and less dependence on bracing and minor joists than conventional construction – this is what gives the interior of timber frame homes and barns their large and lofty feel. Timber framing also ensures your home or barn will stand for generations. Many timber framed structures in Europe built over 400 years ago are still in use.

Timber frame construction also offers the advantage of time, as these structures can be erected quickly; in many cases a timber frame barn or home can be erected in a matter of days, and ready for windows, mechanical systems and roofing in a week or two.

There is a rich American tradition of using timber frame construction, dating back to the earliest settlers in Virginia in the 1600’s. Today timber frame construction is experiencing a resurgence thanks to recent advances in computer precision-cut timbers, adhesives and insulation materials.

More Timber Frame Structures By DC Builders

Morgan Hill Monitor Barn

The post and beam framing with exposed heavy timbers creates a warm, rustic feel that adds to the charm of this already attractive equestrian facility.

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This custom shed row barn was built by DC Builders in San Martin, California.

Custom Horse Barn

Easily one of our finest horse barns yet, this L-shaped shed row barn designed by Blackburn Architects stands proud in San Martin, California.

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