Tack Room Planning: Getting The Most Out Of A DC Barn

Tack rooms are a barn’s mission control—the place where equestrian gear is organized and stored. “Tack” is a term that describes accessories for all things horse. Saddles, bridles, bits, wraps, blankets—these are all considered tack.

Dimension and size depends on what one needs from their equine facility. Knowing how many horses you plan to stable will give you a better idea of scope, as will what discipline you plan on riding in. Draft horses require a slightly different set of needs compared to a horse bred for eventing. A discipline that requires just as much tack as it does tact.

Tack room location should be based on convenience. The goal is to minimize as many steps between the stable and pasture as possible, while keeping any breezeways clear.

The 478 sq. ft. tack room was placed between two walkways, to ease traffic flow, while also creating the perfect staging areas. A powder room annexed near two wash bays gives a rider the chance to pack everything away efficiently while further mitigating irregular traffic flow from the breezeway below.

People approach us with all kinds of ideas, ones that usually incorporate a hybridization of many facets from riding life. We dare you to take these fundamental components of a tack room, and go a step further. Don’t just stop at a sink or saddle rack or bridle shelves. Why not put your office in one? How about a loft for extra storage/sleeping quarters? Just make sure you imagination doesn’t get in the way of your breezeway.

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