Barn Living: Yay or Neigh?

Barns aren’t just for horses these days! DC Builders is taking barn living to new heights, creating beautiful barns with living quarters that pay homage to the classic styles that define America’s rich history. From hybrid apartment barns to elegant barn homes, we take our clients’ visions and turn them into concrete and wooden reality.

A barn is one of the most diverse pieces of architecture you can find on farming land. Whether you’re stabling horses or storing supplies, barns have begun to show potential as living spaces too. If your work calls for spending almost all your time in or around a barn, it’s only natural to want to move in closer. Take the leap into a full-fledged equestrian lifestyle with the inclusion of living quarters in your barn!

Some people have reservations about living in such proximity to their horses but, if well maintained, apartment barns and barn homes can maximize your work routine and save you money. Here are some of the main reasons that barns with living quarters are becoming more popular:

Increased Security

If you’re looking after ill livestock, or have animals that are extremely valuable, having living quarters in your barn is one of the best ways to keep an eye on them. Even if you do not intend to live in the barn, having a caretaker on site will ensure your animals receive the prompt help and attention they deserve.

Cutting Down Costs

Running a farm can be a tiresome and expensive endeavor—you’ll find that some bills and expenses are simply unavoidable. However, living in your barn allows you to cut down on costs that come along with maintaining both your barn and your home. Of course, this is all dependent on your line of work, so keep that in mind if you’re considering an apartment barn or barn home. Nonetheless, it is easy to save money by opting for a sustainable barn with living quarters.

Easy and Convenient

If you’re spending half your time in a barn looking after animals, and are required to start the day early, a barn home could save you a lot of valuable time. Combining home and barn will cut down on your commute, ensure a prompt start time and give you more time to do what you love most. Keep the comforts of home and barn under one roof and your passionate pursuits will never be too far away. 

If you’re thinking about a barn with living quarters for your property, DC Builders can help. With an impressive portfolio of barn homes and apartment barns, we’ve got the skills and experience necessary to bring your dreams of equestrian living to life. Get started today by requesting our digital catalog. It’s never too early to lay the foundation for your future.


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