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Idaho is a largely overlooked state, had it not been for the ease of growing the potato here, most people in the United States would have no idea about this hidden treasure. That being said, Idaho is a rather mountainous, rocky, and hard to cultivate state and as such special building knowledge is needed to create structures that will stand the test of time here. DC Builders is a company that understands what it takes to create custom structures that work with the natural geography of the area and with the climate.

DC Builders is a full service design/build general contracting team that focuses on custom and unique structures. Whether you are looking for a barn, barn home, or a custom equestrian facility in Idaho, DC Builders will assist you with every aspect.

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Idaho Basic Information:

Idaho is known for their rich agricultural and gemstone trade. The rocky soil harbors thousands of dollars of stones which are harvested each year gaining the state the nickname, “the gemstone state”. The rocky soil is also great for harvesting potatoes. This state was also part of the Oregon territory to start and was once claimed by Great Britain until it gained undisputed independence and joined the United States of America. The state is also home to the Nez Pierce Tribe and has a rich cultural history that permeates the culture.

Idaho Attractions:

The Warhawk Air Museum, the Legacy Flight Museum, and the numerous camp sites make Idaho a perfect family getaway. The Warhawk Air Museum is a testament to the aviation legacy of the state and the planes that were built there. This museum is a fantastic place to simply kick back and enjoy the show. The museum is a fantastic way to spend the day marveling at the wonders of man. The Legacy Flight Museum is another museum devoted to the history of flight in the state of Idaho. The museum is great fun for the family and is perfect for a day learning about the history of the state and its ventures into aviation. The campsites that are speckled around the state are also perfect for families that want to spend the day communing with nature. The campsites are all around the state which makes for easy and fast location for families that are looking for a site to stop for the night.

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