The Millennial Love Affair With Barns

There’s something to be said of a generation consumed by technology and innovation, yet obsessed with rustic spaces in the countryside. The trend is better known as barn-chic and it’s apparently all the rage with millennials. More so than ever, millennials are choosing barn wedding venues over traditional church settings, or generally incorporating rustic elements into their living spaces. While it may seem contradictory, millennials are definitely on to something by blending rustic design with contemporary spaces.

Barn Weddings

As mentioned earlier, more and more millennials are forgoing a traditional church wedding for one in a barn or ranch. However, this is not to be confused with a typical barn full of hay bales. Instead, these weddings are taking place in faux barns specifically designed for modern weddings. These faux barns are often decorated with brass lamps and faded couches from boutique rental companies and feature other rustic touches with a contemporary twist, such as mason jars with tea lights in place of old-timey candlesticks. The appeal is that barn weddings blend rustic with elegant touches in a way that makes each ceremony feel more personal. Essentially, it’s the experience of marrying in a luxury barn with an intimate design that appeals to millennials – not so much saying “I do” while your horse looks on.

Barn House Design

While sustainable design seems to be the frontrunner of all interior design trends adopted by millennials, barn home interiors are quickly climbing their way up the ladder. Thanks in part to Chip and Joanna Gaines from HGTV’s “Fixer Upper” who popularized the idea of barndominiums, millennials have started to add more rustic décor to their living spaces to give it a barn-like feel. This can take the form of installing a barn door on the master bedroom closet or using reclaimed wood to spice up a dull white wall. When you think more about the trend itself, it makes a lot of sense – people like contemporary styles, but crave the sense of warmth and nostalgia that rustic décor brings to a space.

Upcycled Priorities

There’s no doubt about it – there’s an innate charm connected to barns. There’s something about them that reminds most of family and a slower pace of life, which might further explain why millennials could be obsessed with barns in a time where everyone needs instant gratification. More so than that, barns are near and dear to millennial’s hearts because they feel aligned to their sustainable, environmentally-friendly priorities. With renovated barns nearly breaking the internet, millennials are finding purpose in taking a decrepit barn from the ’30s and turning it into a dream residence. Even if they’re simply taking a barn door and incorporating it into their modern living space, it’s the idea of upcycling that appeals to millennials and thus makes barn-style décor such a hot commodity.


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