Canby Barn

Location: Canby, OR


This beautiful 36’ x 48’ Mediterranean-style barn is set in the hills of Canby, Oregon and features two 12′ x 48′ shed roofs (1 standard shed roof and 1 enclosed timber framed shed roof), a 24′ x 48′ Loft, with tongue & groove and cedar batten & board siding on the gable ends and dormers, two Classic Equine stall fronts, a custom cupola, and a timber truss on the front gable end.

The timber framed shed roof serves as a porch for the family’s country store where they sell alpaca and lavender products.

One-Of-A-Kind Construction

At DC Builders we take pride in our ability to build quality structures that will stand the test of time. While we have the skill and experience to build quickly, we never sacrifice quality in the name of speed. All of our projects stand up to rigorous standards, and our completed by a team of qualified and trusted builders. One of the things we enjoy most is watching a project goes from concept to completion. Day by day, step by step you get to watch as a beautiful structure is built from the ground up on your property.

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