Fairplay Barn

Location: Fairplay, CO


No better place to build in December than Fairplay, Colorado at over 10,000 feet! This 60′ x 48′ barn near South Park features 4 horse stalls, a 12 ‘x 24′ tack room, 12′ x 48′ garage and workshop, a 12′ x 48’ covered paddock area, and a 1700 sq. ft. living area.

We customized this residence with reclaimed floors and cabinets, granite countertops, pine covered ceilings, and all-wood interior doors.

Constructed With Care

As the name suggest, a barn home is far more than just a functional space to keep and raise your horses, it’s also meant to be a place you can call home! For this project DC Builders wanted to provide the Meyers with a beautiful space they could live in year round, with their animals just below them. That’s why a barn home like this is such a perfect fit, it has all the comforts of home with the knowledge that your animals are safe and cared for.

A Home For You And Your Animals


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