Woodside Horse Barn


Woodside, California

Customizing your barn to fit your style and personality is all part of the fun of building a structure from scratch. With this all-wood barn in Woodside, California, we had a blast working with our clients to make it uniquely theirs. Inside this highly personalized barn, you’ll find a number of special features designed around our client’s taste, including stamped concrete flooring made to look like reclaimed hardwood, custom stall fronts, pine-covered ceilings, and even an iPod docking station. Cedar board and batten siding and timber trusses on the gable ends give this barn its classic appearance, with added structural elements like gable dormers and a custom cupola with a weathervane making it truly one-of-a-kind. To top it off, our clients can also enjoy a loft converted into a hobby workshop and an outdoor arena perfect for summer riding.

Digital Catalog

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