This faith and heritage center was built by DC Builders in Fresno, California.

Fresno Barn Builders

The city of Fresno, California is located in the heart of the state, in San Joaquin Valley. Rich with agricultural fields along the valley, and near the mountainous Sierra Nevadas, Fresno offers something for everyone. With its central location, Fresno is also the financial, industrial, trade, and commercial capital of the Central San Joaquin Valley.


This diversity of the area allows for a plethora of resources and growth. If you are looking to build a new barn on your property, or possibly expand on your already developed property, we can assist you. With full-service design and construction teams, we can assist you with any barn, indoor or covered arena, and workshop or garage. Our teams will work closely with you to develop custom design plans that will work best for you and for your property.


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If you’re seeking design inspiration for your barn or barn home project, be sure to check out our sister company DC Structures’ line of pre-engineered building packages! DC Structures ships complete design and materials packages all over the nation for construction by an approved general contractor, making it easy for you to jumpstart your project in no time. If you’re looking for something more personalized to your taste, DC Builders will work closely with you to create custom design plans for your unique project. Our experienced project managers and framing crews can also mobilize to complete your heavy timber framing, conventional framing, siding installation, and more for your project, no matter where you live in the U.S.

DC Structures

This structure in Fresno, California was built by DC Builders.

Dunlap, California


We’re so proud to be involved as the trusted contractor and builder for the Alex and Faye Spanos Faith and Heritage Center in Dunlap, California. This traditional Greek Orthodox chapel and meeting place is built in our trademark post and beam style, with finishes reflecting the historic barns of the region and the land itself.

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DC Builders has built hundreds of custom barns, barn homes, equestrian facilities, and more for clients across the country. Our knowledgeable team of designers, project managers, and customer support specialists boast years of experience in managing our clients’ projects and offer the expertise to see your design through to fruition. We take several factors into consideration for your plans, including budget, location, and site requirements, and will work with you to come up with the ideal design for your barn. We offer services unparalleled by any other design and construction firm in the Pacific Northwest, and a simple, seamless, and innovative turnkey process starting from the design to the finishing touches.

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