This horse barn in San Martin, California was custom built and designed by DC Builders.

New Hampshire Barn Builders

DC Builders specializes in building custom barns and homes. We travel the country to assist our clients in building their perfect barn or home. We assist in the entire process, from the design to the final fixtures, DC Builders will make your building process run smoothly. We guarantee superb customer service, and the highest quality workmanship. Call today to see how we can make your building experience the most positive it can be.

This barn home in Daggett, Michigan has spacious living quarters upstairs.

Daggett, Michigan

This 60′ x 64′ post and beam structure features a heavy-duty main level with five garage doors for heavy equipment access and storage.

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This barn home in Burlington, North Carolina is a great addition to the client's property.

Burlington, North Carolina

The living space stays on the ground level, with a bedroom, living room, and kitchen directly across from the horse stalls in this barn home.

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Raleigh, North Carolina

This horse barn features custom European stall fronts, two custom breezeway doors and a timeless look!

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About New Hampshire


New Hampshire is one of the original colonies upon which the United States was founded. Rich with revolutionary history, this state is one of the proudest, most culturally diverse, and most overwhelmingly cultured areas of the country. The people of New Hampshire know where they come from and are proud and eager to let visitors know about their rich history and the history of the nation as a whole.

Though New Hampshire is incredibly culturally sound and diverse, the weather is a bit iffy. There are often large storms that come in off the Atlantic Ocean that can cause major damage to any buildings that are not soundly built and that are designed to withstand such weather. Also, the winters are incredibly cold which means that foundations and other sealants that are not properly installed may crack and break with the drastic drops in temperature and large snow falls. Overall, the soil of New Hampshire is rocky and often difficult to work with unless an experienced hand is present.

New Hampshire Attractions


The American Independence Museum and the Canterbury Shaker Museum are just two fantastic attractions in the area. The Independence Museum features artifacts and information about the founding of our nation and the struggles that our founding fathers had to endure to become the independent nation we are today. At the Shaker Museum visitors can learn about a cultural phenomena that took the US by storm in the early 1800’s. The Shakers were a people that are seldom understood and the museum helps to shed a light on the beliefs and practices of these people.


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