The Barrel House is one of the most impressive tasting rooms and event spaces you will see.


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DC Builders specializes in traditional timber frame structures, a building method that utilizes interlocking wooden joinery rather than nails and metal brackets. This sustainable and highly customizable construction technique is relatively uncommon due to expensive material costs and a general lack of knowledge by contractors. If done well, however, timber frame buildings will last for generations to come–as they are often the only structures remaining in the wake of natural disasters.

Designing and building your timber frame structure is a collaborative experience when you work with DC. Whatever it is you’re looking for, we can create the structure of your dreams–one that is as beautiful as it is functional. Using heavy timbers rather than dimensional lumber means fewer support beams are needed, resulting in dramatically open interiors. Aesthetically, the technique honors the rustic elegance of exposed timber beams.

The Barrel House is one of the most impressive tasting rooms and event spaces you will see.

West Linn, Oregon


We’re proud to unveil the Barrel House at the brand new Tumwater at Pete’s Mountain! This timber frame building is the headquarters for the 2016 NW Natural Street of Dreams and a tasting room for the Tumwater Reserve vineyard.

At over 3,500 square feet, the Barrel House includes plenty of indoor and outdoor space for meetings, events, and wine. This building was crafted with Douglas Fir heavy timbers and clad in rustic Red Cedar siding from the Pacific Northwest by DC Builders with support from the mortise and tenon artisans at Framework Plus.

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Oregon Timber Frame Construction

What is Timber Frame Construction?

Timber framed structures use fewer, larger wood posts and beams than conventional construction. Furthermore, the frame is fastened using complex wood joinery such as wooden pegs, rather than nails or other mechanical fasteners. Modern timber frame construction offers increased stability and less dependence on bracing and minor joists than conventional construction – this is what gives the interior of timber frame homes and barns their large and lofty feel.

Timber frame construction also offers the advantage of time, as these structures can be erected quickly; in many cases a timber frame barn or home can be erected in a matter of days, and ready for windows, mechanical systems and roofing in a week or two.

There is a rich American tradition of using timber frame construction, dating back to the earliest settlers in Virginia in the 1600’s. Today timber frame construction is experiencing a resurgence thanks to recent advances in computer precision-cut timbers, adhesives and insulation materials.


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