Barns for Non-Equine Livestock: Cattle Barn Designs

When clients approach us to collaborate on a barn design, there’s a pretty high chance it will be a barn for horses. Every now and then, however, we get a request for non-equine barn designs—including goats, dogs and cows. While our team has the art of the horse barn down to a science, we’re also proud to say we know a thing or two about cattle barn designs.

Our experience designing cattle barn plans is derived from our understanding of animal safety, functional design and the importance of building a barn that is complementary of the client’s lifestyle. From small cow barn plans to large, multi-animal livestock barns, there’s no cow barn request we aren’t willing to entertain.

While barn necessities are similar across the board in that all animals appreciate space to roam, a roomy stall and amenities that make their caretakers’ lives easier, there are certain differences that should be taken into consideration. Dairy cows, for instance, will require a milking parlor and maybe even a bottling room depending on the purpose of the dairy operation.

For clients in search of cattle barn designs for their dairy business, we are well equipped to help them navigate stringent requirements set by the USDA. Further, our experience building barns and structures of all sizes and functions across the U.S. gives us unique insight into regional building codes and local regulations.

This custom cow barn in Baker City, Oregon features 14 cow stalls with double-wall construction designed to keep the cows safe from the barn and the barn safe from the cows. A second-story loft makes way for hay storage while four custom cupolas flood the 4,300 sq. ft. structure with natural lighting.

On the other side of the state in Sherwood, Oregon, this custom horse and cow barn boasts 10 cattle feeding stalls. Like many projects we collaborate with our clients on, this facility began as a barn conversion but eventually evolved into a full demolition and custom design and build. Now these clients can rest assured their mixed-use barn will stay standing for years to come.

Whatever your goals for a horse barn or cattle barn design, DC Builders has the experience, know-how and expert-level customer service to get the job done well. Request a free quote to get started on your cow barn project today. Or, if you need a little inspiration, download our digital catalog and imagine the possibilities.


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