Coming Right Up: Half Baked Harvest Kitchen-Studio Barn

DC Builders designs and builds barn-style structures that can be utilized for a number of practical purposes. That said, sometimes people have a hard time picturing how their lifestyle fits into a post-and-beam barn design. While barn living generally calls to mind images of husbandry, equestrian sports and maybe even the old wild west, the truth is that barn-style designs are a lot more flexible than people tend to give them credit for.

One such example of barn living reimagined is through young food blogger Tieghan Gerard of Half Baked Harvest. Tieghan started her blog in 2012 as a place to share her love for whole-food, in-season cooking. In the years since, Tieghan’s blog has cultivated a striking amount of followers—and as such, it has become an all-consuming, full-time job.

With her delicious recipes in increasingly high demand, Tieghan realized she would need more space to conduct her work. That’s why she and her family set out to convert an existing barn into a hybrid kitchen-studio and living space in the spring of 2014. Completed just before fall of 2015, Tieghan has been working and living in her converted barn over the past few years.

Fast forward to now, and Tieghan and her business have already outgrown the converted barn space. To keep the lines between her work and her personal life a lot less blurred, Tieghan has decided to add a new barn on her property to which she can relocate all of her work-related activities. Tieghan has chosen DC Builders as her contractor.

DC Builders is excited to be handling the design and construction of this monitor-style kitchen-studio with loft office space. Aside from the opportunity to work with such a talented lifestyle blogger and cookbook author, our team relishes any project that demonstrates the capacity for rustic elegance that accompanies a post-and-beam barn-style building. 

To learn more about Tieghan’s vision for Half Baked Harvest’s monitor kitchen barn, check out her blog post for design details. Wondering how your own business could benefit from a custom barn-style design? Request a free quote from DC Builders to get started on the next phase of your dreams today.


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