Granite Bay Backyard Barn


Granite Bay, California

Based on a Columbia 24′ Gable Barn Kit from DC Structures, this cozy backyard barn offers the perfect setting for family fun and relaxation. We built this post and beam structure in collaboration with DC Structures, who designed the building and prefabricated its wood framing components. The barn features 1,462 square feet of flexible living space, including a 1,152 sq. ft. main level and a 310 sq. ft. loft. Though seemingly small from the outside, this impressive structure offers plenty of room for entertainment, lounging, and family gatherings inside the barn.

The talented designers at DC Structures made minimal modifications to the original model, including enclosing the shed roof and removing a set of columns on the first floor and a vented cupola above the barn. They also added quad-glass breezeway doors, Andersen 100 series fixed and single-hung windows, and Hardie® Panel board and batten siding in place of a few standard options. Other additions to this barn include tempered glass on the windows and black exterior and interior window trim. Our client also decided to incorporate reclaimed wood walls as a unique visual element that adds character and warmth.

Digital Catalog

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